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Thread: Anyone knows any grass-fed burgers?

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    Default Anyone knows any grass-fed burgers?

    Hi everyone. I love burgers and a good fat juicy burger is all I need when I am hungry but since I have decided to go on grass-fed I find it difficult to find grass-fed burgers. Can anyone suggest me a good place where I can find grass-fed burgers?. I am really concerned about the issue of grass-fed and that is the reason I am looking for them and they should also have a good taste ?.as food without taste is not worth the hunting for it.

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    I doubt you will find any from a fast food/take away shop...where are you? If you tell me where you are I could reccomend a butcher or wholesaler where you could get grass-fed beef from to make your own...


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    If you are after grass fed meat, then you will probably have to go organic and even then they might supplement with organic grain. None of the big beef producers (re feedlots) use grass, only grain and pellets. Even on our farm we use a mixture of both grass/grain/dry matter (hay). Not sure that I agree with you that grass fed has the best taste, but everyone likes different things

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