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Thread: Old fashioned beef stew

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    Question Old fashioned beef stew


    I was wondering if anyone had a good recipe for an old fashioned stew?

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    I can tell you what I do for our stew. I make it in my pressure cooker. Do you have one?

    ETA: OK, so rather than just asking, I thought I better add in what I cook. I do it all without a recipe and every batch is different, but this is the general...

    All quantities are approx!

    750g Diced Beef - can be heart smart, down to basic gravy beef.
    2 potatoes diced
    1 onion diced
    1 carrot diced
    2/3 Pumpkin diced
    1 Zuccini diced
    Crushed garlic
    Greens gravy granuals
    Vegeta vegie stock powder

    Brown off onion and garlic. Add Beef, and brown off. Add all diced vegies. Use whatever you have at home. I add everything from sweet potato to broccoli to squash. Depends what's in the fridge. Cover with recently boiled water (put the kettle on when you start chopping) Add enough water to just cover everything in pot. Add Vegeta - 1 or 2 tsp. Put lid on pressure cooker and bring to boil. Follow your p/c instructions. I generally have it cooking for about 20-30mins. Safely remove lid when cooled enough. Give a stir to breakdown some of the softer vegies. (Sometimes I add frozen peas here too.) Add gravy granuals and worcerstershire sauce if necessary for taste. Serve as is, or with potatoes or rice.
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