thread: Amniotic Band

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    Nov 2008

    Unhappy Amniotic Band

    First off, has anyone has this?
    I have just been informed that I do. I now have to drive up to the big Fetal Maternity hospital and get it checked out. It sounds really scary! Either it lies around innocently in the amniotic sac, or it can wrap around the baby and cause a birth defect or amputation. Please I hope someone knows more about this than me!!

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    Jan 2005

    Hi there,

    No I have not have it, but I have read that misdiagnosis of amniotic bads are common hence why they're be getting you checked out at a more specialised centre. Good luck with your scan I hope that it goes well.

    Im not sure about the states, but sometimes in Australia they can operate in utero depending on which body parts are affected.

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    Mar 2006

    Hi Jessica,

    How scary, I am so sorry you are going through this. I don't know a lot about amniotic banding, but a friend of mine had it. I think what you have said is correct - it can be fine or very serious, depending on the severity. I hope it is just a mild type that doesn't affect the baby. I am also aware that in some cases where the banding is affecting the baby, they can operate while bub is still in utero and cut the bands so they are no longer a threat to the baby.

    Best wishes, hun, I hope it turns out ok. Let us know how you go.