thread: Average turnaround times for GTT results

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    Jan 2007

    Question Average turnaround times for GTT results

    Hi there,
    I had the GTT yesterday. I am still a bit frustrated that they wanted me to have it (long story about me apparently having the world's largest baby... cos we should all put our faith 100% in a 3rd trimester scan ), but was wondering, how long does it usually take for the results to come through?
    If I was to have GD, would they be likely to call the next day? I know it probably depends on the pathology lab etc, but just curious.


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    Dec 2006
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    i got mine done on tuesday morning, doc had results thursday...

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    Jul 2008

    mine was a two day turnaround (test wed, called fri) - they called me because i did have GD, they said otherwise they wouldn't have called but would have just sent the results straight to the dr.

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    Mar 2006

    I was really lucky. I had my test done tuesday morning and got the results wednesday afternoon. Best of luck.

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    Mar 2007
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    Both tests I had for GD came back within a couple of days.... the first one I got called about because it was not a good result but with the second one they didn't call me cos all was well.... I had to call the office just to double check of course cos I was so paranoid that I had it, but I didn't.