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Thread: Bicornuate Uterus

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    HI All,

    I am so glad to have come across this, I am very sorry for all those who have experienced a loss.
    I found out today that I have a bioconuate uterus... and was very scared to hear that even though the doctor explained it, it still seems scary...
    Booked in to see a gynecologist in 2 weeks time... I guess it is probably good I have found this out before my husband and I concieved we have been trying for around 5 months now.
    It just seems hard when you want a baby so much.. I know you can all relate....
    Hopefully seeing the gynecologist will give some more info which will make it less scary and I guess I am probably just processing it having only been told today.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I've just been diagnosed with a Bicornuate Uterus as well!!
    The thing i'm angry & upset about is why & how was this not discovered at all in my past history.....

    So far my history is that i had my first baby in my late teens (he's now 19 years old) & had a normal pregnancy with him but a difficult labour. He was eventually delivered by emergency c/s. He was not overly small & he did arrive 1 wk early but there was no mention of my unusual uterus then!!! Could they not see it???
    I then seperated from his father & met my husband a few years later. He has no children but does want them...

    At 29 i fell pregnant with my second child & it was a difficult pregnancy from the word go. Lots of brown/red bleeding & a massive bleed at 10 wks. It all settled down after that but the slight spotting continued. My water broke at almost 20wks & i delivered & lost my little boy......

    Even after all this we still wanted to have children so a year later we fell pregnant again & again i had the same problems with spotting on & off with this pregnancy as well. This baby i lost when i was 9wks pregnant. The baby had stopped growing & had died at 7wks so i had a missed miscarriage & ended up having a d/c to remove it.

    Again we tried again & i fell pregnant with my fourth pregnancy. This pregnancy was diagnosed as a blighted ovum at about 7wks so another loss & another d/c.

    After these 3 miscarriages i was very reluctant to fall pregnant again but 7 years later i have now fallen pregant again which was a total suprise pregnancy as we were not trying.
    I just lost the baby today at 7.5wks Last weeks ultrasound showed a healthy bub with a good hearbeat but todays ultrasound was a different heartbeat. This pregnancy has pretty much taken the same road as all the others with the same spotting & bleeding......
    They only now discovered my unusual uterus from all my recent ultrasounds & when i asked why was this not discovered earlier they said it may be because of ultrasound equipment being more responsive now days or it just wasnt investigated further!!!!
    They also said that they believed this was the reason of my 4 miscarriages & are now going to do further investigations for a septum in a few months.

    I cannot believe this all happened because of my uterus......I'm so glad i have my son at least......
    I am so happy for all you girls who have gone on to have your gorgeous babies regardless of this problem and sorry to all who have lost their bubs, i completely understand.......
    Hopefully they can give me some good news in a few months after they perform further investigations as my maternal clock is fast ticking away........
    I wish good luck to all you girls with this problem

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    Default bicornuate uterus

    Hi there,

    I'm nine weeks along and have just found out I have a bicornuate uterus and the baby is growing in the left side. Does anyone know whether there's a difference between the left and right sides - is one better for the baby than the other? Also when is the danger zone over? 16 week?

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    Hi Emily,

    as far as I know no side is better than the other it would honestly depend on your own unique situation, which side is the bigger side etc as depending on your uterus one cavaity can be bigger than the other etc.
    Danger period, well some people have no issues others may have issues all the way through it can be dangerous the whole way through especially in the second trimester when the baby is bigger as it runs out of room to go, my doctor told me second term miscarriage and still birth can be common, but on the same token she also said that there may be no complications at all.
    The opnly advice I could give would be stay healthy and look after yourself extremly well don't push to much and most of all try to stay positive, as hard as that can be with all the information I think you need to be in a positive state of mind.
    Best wishes I hope the whole pregnancy goes very well.... and congrats on the pregnancy..
    Take Care

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    Thanks so much for your reply. I felt so disheartened at first, as all the info on the net is so negative but I've since decided that every case is unique and although we're made aware of the worst case scenarios, it doesn't mean they'll happen. Positive thinking!

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    Congratulations on your pregnancy!
    I had no idea I had a BU until I had a caesarean. DS was in my left side and was born at 39 weeks but he was breech (due to the BU). There were no other complications during my pregnancy, and I am thankful I didn't know as I am sure I would have worried for the entire pg.
    It did take us almost 4 years to conceive so I assume the BU may have had something to do with that.

    All the best for the remainder of your pregnancy

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    Default SO confused and devastated

    Hi everyone, My name is Nichole and I am just devasted and totally uninformed about being diagnosed with a bicornuate uterus. My husband and I where on our 2nd month of clomid and I went in for a routine ultrasound and was diagnosed with this. I am going in for a HSG in a week or so and I just can't stop crying. I feel as though my dreams have been crushed and all I can do is cry. I need hope and my OBGYN didn't give me information or hope. Can someone help me? Is it possible to get pregnant and who do I need to go to as far as doctors go. I live in Ohio but, I really just need to find out what kind of doctor to go to. I need information and as much as I want to have a baby, I want as much information as I can find. I don't want to feel like this forever and I don't want to hate everyone who is pregnant around me. I want to be the person I was a week ago. I was born wanting kids and my husband wants them just as much as me. I cant seem to get off the couch this week and with a little hope I think that things will look up. Thank goodness for finding this site....I have no one that understands what I am going through! Thanks ahead of time for anyone who responds to this. And I hope for everyone going through this same thing that they are treated with a little more TLC than I was! Thank you so much for any are all lifesavers!

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    Hi Nichole,

    It can be a horrible shock to discover you have a Bicornuate Uterus, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you cannot get pregnant or have a 'normal' pregnancy. I have a BU and I am currently 35wks pregnant with bub no 2 and this bub is doing everything perfectly - it is head down and growing well.

    I do understand how you feel though, there isn't a lot of information about the condition, and unfortunately there are many, very sad stories about people with BU who have suffered miscarriages, early labours and still births, and I am completely saddened by the pain that these people go through. But there are also many stories of healthy pregnancies and healthy babies from people who also have BU's.

    From what I know (through speaking to my OB and through research on the internet) a normal uterus is Pear Shaped but a BU is Heart shaped which has two 'horns'. The shape of a BU can restrict the amount of room the baby has to grow, but it shouldn't impact on your ability to get pregnant. Some people with BU also suffer from a Septum - which is type of tissue that runs through the centre of the uterus and therefore seperates the left and right horns (or sides) and creates a very small space for a baby to grow. People with this septum appear to have the worst chance of having a pregnancy go full-term simply because there isn't enough room for the baby to grow to full term. The septum can be surgically removed in a fairly simple procedure. It is also known that women with BU can also have other abnormalities of their Renal System, eg. only one kidney or mis-shapen kidneys, bladder, etc. A simple blood test and ultra-sound can confirm this.

    In my situation, I fell pregnant with DS after 6 mths of trying and had a normal pregnancy until DS turned footling breech at 36wks so was delivered by C/S at 38wks. I suffered from excessive amniotic fluid which is one reason why bub turned, but having a BU also meant that there was more room in the top of my uterus for the baby's head to be and therefore is more comfortable for the baby to lie in a breech position. DS was a pretty healthy baby (he did have wet lungs and needed special care for 5 days, but this is unrelated to the BU!). This time around, it took us approx 6 mths again to fall pregnant, and have again had a normal pregnancy. I don't have excessive fluid this time, so we are planning a VBAC. My OB believes that DS 'stretched' my uterus and therefore created a bit more room for this bub. Both babies have prefered to lie on the right side of the uterus. I have also had an ultrasound of my kidneys, etc. and all is normal.

    I hope this puts your mind at ease a little and gives you some hope that you can get pregnant and that one day you can have the family you both want so much.

    Good luck.


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    Default 32 Weeks Pregnant with a Bicornuate Uterus

    I am currently 32 Weeks with my first Pregnancy and I also have a Bicornuate Uterus.

    Nov 2009-
    We discovered that I was Pregnant.
    At my first Ultrasound visit they discovered my Bicoruate Uterus, but the fetus was too small to see yet.

    Dec 2009-
    They saw that the baby was growing in the Left Side of my Bicorruate Uterus.

    Jan 2010-
    My doctor referred me to the Hospital. The hospital asked me not to continue 'shared care' so they could monitor me closely. The hospital put me on Doctor only care (i never meet with a midwife).
    We had our 'Down Syndrome' Scan and the baby was growing perfectly.
    I went to a Specialist to confirm my type Uterus (Bicornuate or Didelphic) and he confirmed it was Bicornuate.

    Feb 2010-
    I continued to see the hospital and get regular Ultrasounds (about once a month to begin with).
    At about 18 weeks pregnant I suffered from severe Braxton hicks contractions, we went to the hospital thinking the worst... but everything was fine, they were just that... Braxton Hicks!

    Mar 2010-
    We discovered our miracle baby is a GIRL!
    Continued to go to Hospital appointments and get an Ultrasound. Still growing perfectly.

    Apr 2010-
    We reached the 24 Week Mark (when they say the survival rate of a premi baby increases).
    Continued to go to Hospital appointments and get an Ultrasound. Still growing perfectly.
    After reading about other mothers experiences' online about having a Bicoruate Uterus I asked the doctors to check my Renal System, as other mothers said becuase of having a BU it had caused problems with theirs... and i discovered i have only 1x Kidney! This is very common when having a Bicornuate Uterus! So get your doctor to check your complete Renal System (Kidneys, Bladder, Etc.)!

    May 2010-
    Started going to the hospital for Doctors Appointments more regularly and getting more scans (just t make sure she doesn't run out of room!)

    June 2010- TODAY.
    I am 32 weeks Pregnant. She is in a Breech Position and they do not believe that she has enough room to turn around. If she is still breech when I reach 34 weeks, they will book me in for a C-Section at 38 Weeks. They do not want to try and turn her as 'she is where she is, for a reason!' If she does turn they say there is a 50% chance of having her naturally... but its a wait and see game! They are still worried that i could go into premature labour, so if i experience and pains/leaks i am to go to the hospital straight away. I go to the hospital for Doctors app's now every week. I now have to be more careful about drinking enough water, etc because of my kidney, but otherwise everything is PERFECT!

    When i first found out about having a Bicornuate Uterus I was very disheartened by all the stories on the internet! But now after going through all the scary waiting I can say that if you have a Bicornuate Uterus don't give up hope! It is very possible to have a normal pregnancy. I have no idea what will happen with my next pregnancy, but i am thankful for this one, my first, my miracle!

    I am so very sorry to the ladies who have had losses. My thoughts are with you, but keep your headup! It is possible!

    Kirsty xx

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    Wow Kristy thank you for sharing your story. That is what BB is for. Hopefully your sucsess story boasts some other lovely lady!

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