thread: Bleeding on 12 weeks!!!

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    Bleeding on 12 weeks!!!


    I'on on my 12 weeks and this time been bleeding redish but light ones, do you think i have to contact my doctor, but as i've been reading online, Im not bleeding tons of blood but just wiped it was very redish not like before brownish.

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    I had a light bleed at 15wks and I rang my OB straight away he prescribed complete bed rest till the morning and I had to see him first thing for an internal to check dialation etc, I then went and had a scan straight after to check baby and cause of bleed if any.
    I would ring your ob or midwife asap just to make sure if nothing else it's peace of mind

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    In most cases it is not a problem. Many things can cause to to have a slight bleed, sex, heavy lifting, exercise. I would also reccomend bed rest and if you are still bleeding tomorrow then get it cheked out

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    Thanx, i haven't been bleeding this morning, and the thing is i don't do much like i just sleep and walk that's all.
    That's why i was a bit concerned that i was bleeding.
    I'll just wait to see how it goes today.
    thanx again for your advices.

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