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Thread: bleeding around 5 wk gest sac (ultrasound)

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    Default bleeding around 5 wk gest sac (ultrasound)

    wondering i had an ultrasound done yesterday , and she picked up that i was 5 wks but still no fetus detected yet, she asked if i had been bleeding and i said no cause i havent but there was a lge amount of bleeding around the sac , and she couldnt tell me wether it was goin to b a viable pregnancy or not?
    i have go for another ultrasound next wk and if there is still no growth then obviously it means the bleeding has stopped the pregnancy from continuing..

    im a bit worried as this has never happened to me ,,, has anybody else had this and gone on to a normal pregnancy...

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    Savina, I hope everything works out well for you. A friend of mine had (what sounds like) a similar experience at 8 weeks. After some extra tests she was informed that she was bleeding internally (and leaking fluid?) and needed to go in for an operation. She was told that there was no chance of survival for the fetus. She was devastated, went into hospital - had the fluid removed, no bleeding was evident and she has now made it to 14 weeks! The OBS said he has only seen 2 cases like it in over 20 years.
    Your situation may be different but maybe you can take some hope from my friend's story.

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    Savina, I have no advice, just a hug :hugs:
    I hope everythings ok with your bubba darl, for you

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