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    Hi all

    I have developed quite large breasts during pregnancy and a result it's been recommended that I always wear a bra including at night time.

    I have a red raw section between (in the crease of) my breasts that I am unable to make better. I keep the area clean and dry. I avoid creams in the area also.

    Any suggestions on what I can use to improve the situation?

    Also any bra suggestions that actually lift and separate the breasts as all the ones I've tried just squeeze them together?

    Thanks in advance

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    I found that I had to use a cloth breast pad between my breasts to help keep them dry and drying off the area with a hair dryer after a shower. Go to the Dr and just check that there is nothing else going on, such as thrush, which could be keeping the area irritated, if so something like Kenacomb ointment might help (anti-fungal with anti-inflammatory). If you use a wash puff (whatever they are called), I would suggest stopping, I found that if I used one it made it worse, even a new one didn't help. HTH

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    Yes, my first thought was thrush as well, it thrives in warm damp creases and even if you keep the area underneath your breasts clean and dry, you can still sweat enough for thrush to hang on. I'd try some antifungal cream and see if it improves. Also, maybe some body powder to prevent chafing?

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    Thanks for your replies.

    I found a change of bra did help and the Hot Milk range has some good bras that separate the breasts and not squish them together. I also have started using talc at night which has also helped.

    Thanks again

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