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Thread: carpal tunnel syndrome - help!!

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    Unhappy carpal tunnel syndrome - help!!

    Hi gals
    Alas i find myself posting here again!
    i have been formally diagnosed with carpal tunnel in both hands caused by retained fluid pressuring the nerves in my hands, right hand is alot worse.
    i am wearing an arm brace on my right hand which frankly is not helping much.
    have been icing the hands at night time too.
    trying to keep away from activities which exacerbate the problem (typing etc) and also eat foods which are natural diuretics (eg parsley cucumber that kind of thing) to try and ease fluid retention.
    I am finding panadol not doing much for pain relief.
    Anyone else been/going through this?
    Any suggestions????

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    The only thing I can suggest that helped mine a little bit is when you're in bed put your arms up on cushions to keep them elevated.

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    i hope this makes you feel a little better - but i had Carpel Tunnel during pregnancy and for some months after and then all of a sudden it was GONE!!! - it wasn't until i read this thread that you reminded me - it was very uncomfortable and painful but fingers crossed with time it will also leave you

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    Hi There,

    Just wanted to let you know that this happened to a friend of mine... she tried everything that the doctors suggested (she had more than one opinion) and none of them worked.
    She ended up having some acupuncture and it worked brilliantly... also gave her enormous relief from fluid retention too!!!
    Hope this helps!
    Holly xxx

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    catherine Guest


    I suffered badly from it as well. The braces helped a bit, also trying to keep my hands elevated as much as possible and resting them during the day. I found it eased off a bit towards the end and now it's just my right wrist that is still giving me problems. Not much help I know, but it will get better! (A small glass of wine and a large block of chocolate may work wonders!)

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    Elle Guest


    I forgot that I had this problem in my first pregnancy until I read this post!!! In my case I had it in both hands and it didn't matter what I did it didn't help. In the end I had one hand operated on while I was about half way through pregnancy under local. I can't remember why I had to have the op, but I am guessing it was under extreme circumstances as I wouldn't generally under go an operation while pregnant. My first born was 12 years aso, so things have more than likely changed. Talk to your doctor, or try alternative therapies, its something that was really available back then (alternative) and may have made the difference between managemnt and the operation. It disappeared in the other hand after birth fro me. Hasn't returned in either hand since including next pregnancy and this preg.

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    Hi B
    I had CT so bad whilst pregnant with Harrison... TBH, there really was nothing that took the pain away for me... It was however relieved with cold packs. I had the pain up to and including my shoulders, and sometimes, my hands would just cramp up and be totally numb. It all settled down around 6 weeks before Harrison was born.

    I hope you find some relief soon

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    I have CP now and it makes me miserable
    Not a lot works for me. I went for a walk today and by the time I got home my fingers were like chippolattas and the tingling was bad. Hopefully it will go as soon as bubs is born!!!
    good luck

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