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Thread: Clexan, pregancy, c-section and nerves

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    Default Clexan, pregancy, c-section and nerves

    I am a 28 yr old mum of 2 boys, (Caleb is 8 and Ethan is 6). I have been on warfarin for nealry 6 years.

    I had c- section's with both my boys, both pregancy's had no major issues, it wasn't until 6 weeks after my youngest was born that I developed a large blood clot in my leg (from my grion to my ankle) I was advised by hospital staff that the clot was 'just bad luck'. But we all know that the clot occured due to the ceasieran and not being educated about what to do after a ceasieran and how to get you blood flowing.

    Anyway, I was on warfarin for 6 months and then got taken off it as the Dr's thought that the clot would be disolved. Mind you an ultrasound of my leg was not done before I got taken off the warfarin. 3 months later (happened to be Ethan's first birthday) I went to my GP, he sent me for a scan on my leg, turns out the clot hadn't dissolved. I was sent to the Emergancy department and spent a week or so in hospital, again on warfarin when I got discharged. One month later (Mother's day, out of all days) I had chest pain, went to the emergancy department and had 3 blood clots in my lungs (PE- Pulmonary Embolism). From that day I have been on warfarin ever since, we were also told that I was unable to have children as warfarin cause birth defects. That all happened about 5 yrs ago.

    Fast foward until now. After seeing a specialist about my leg, we were told that having another child would be fine. I just have to be warfarin before/between 6-12 weeks after falling pregnant. We had no idea that this I could have another child. I wish that we were told sooner and also told that having a child would not be out of the question for me (and my family)

    This is where my questions and anyone with advise is needed.
    We have spoken to a Ob and she advised about all the facts about being off warfarin and on the clexan, which I am fine about. I am a bit worried about what happens DURING the c-section. I know that heprin is reservable, my main fear is that I would bleed to much and I dont make it through the sergery and leave my family without a mother. I know that is thinking the worst but I am also thinking as I am to be on warfarin for life, am I to run away and hide at the thought of having an operation. What if I need my apendix out or something, would it be the same? I know that having your apendix out and having a baby growing inside you is MAJORLY different but its an operation right?

    So sorry for raving on and on. But after reading lots comments and posts on this (and other) forums about this subject, I thought that I would give it a try. We are off to see the Ob early next month, dont worry I have my questions and notepad already ready to go, she will be bombared by my questions. I would really love to extend my family but on the other hand think 'why risk it', then I think again, 'I cant let warfarin stop me from doing ALL things'. The drug restricts me from doing enough as it is.

    Ok, I shall stop now. Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments

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    Hi Sorry to hear about all your bad experiences with doctors! It can be so frustrating (and dangerous by the sound of it!). I'm not on warfarin, but I am 35 weeks pregnant and have been having daily clexane needles since 6 weeks pregnant. I've never had a blood clot but four of my immediate family members have and i also have Lupus, which raises ones chance of having blood clots, and one miscarriage (from a blood clot) so they put me on it for safety's sake.

    I've also had about seven different opinions about what happens during and after labour as my Obs. was away for a few weeks and each doctor had a different opnion. However, lately I've been getting the same opinion as my Obs. is back (thank goodness!) I don't need a c/s (as yet lol) but I've been told that I need to be induced as I can't take the clexane 12 hours before labour. i had the same concerns as you about bleeding too much if I did go into prem. labour, however, apparently that doesn't happen. According to my obs. theres no chance of 'bleeding out' or anything, the only problem is is that you can only have pethadine as pain relief and if you need an emergancy c/s, you need to be placed under general anasthetic. I think the clexane reacts with the other pain management methods. Are you having a c/s because of the clexane?

    I've been told by a few different doctors now that I will need to stop clexane 12 hours before labour and then take it immediately after for six weeks (apparently that time is the highest risk). I know our situations are very different but maybe you should ask your Obs. if you should be doing this too?

    Sorry, I'm rambling! Hope your appointment goes well, keep us updated
    good luck!

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