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Thread: Colds during late pregnancy...codral ok?

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    Unhappy Colds during late pregnancy...codral ok?

    Urgh, at about 38 weeks pregnant, I find myself feeling rotten with a cold (pray not flu!) and am just wondering if codral is ok to take? I looked all over the packet but it didn't say anything about pregnant women not taking it. It would be nice to be able to breathe!!

    On a side note, anyone ever gone into labour being unwell with a cold/flu? I don't think labour is imminent in the next day or two, but I do obviously want to be as well rested and feeling good as possible before labour hits. At the moment I don't feel like I could walk to the mailbox, let alone deliver a child!!!

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    i was advised the only thing safe in pregnancy was panadol and sudafed.

    Not sure about codral - i would call your local hospital or pharmacist to find out.

    I have have 3 sinus infections since preg and have just fought it out with nothing, hard but worth it for piece of mind and an immune boost lol

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    Don't know about codral but I know strepsils are ok, probably not as effective but I took them at about 14ish weeks. Maybe you could ask the pharmacist?

    ETA: I just googled codral, and on the johnsona and johnson website under FAQs it says No, all cold and flu preparations should be avoided by anyone who is pregnant. They are classed as B2 (which you're not supposed to take).
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    I was advised by a chemist not to take any vasoconstrictors (which is in most cold & flu tablets) or aspirin. Apparently only paracetamol is oK to take.

    There are natural things that might help - a vaporisor with vicks or sitting in a bathroom with steam to clear your airways, hot and cold compresses for sinus pain, panadol is OK for headaches and body aches/pains. Rest and trying to eat nutritiously are probably the best things to do to get better quickly.

    I've read that artificial heating can make it worse, because it dries out the air and irritates your airways.

    Hope it doesn't last too long!

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    Just found this website -

    You can search for the ingredients in anything you're taking and find out if it is safe.

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    When i had a cold a few weeks ago my pharmacist let me have some nasal spray and told me to take some panadol/codeine (low dose) tablets i already had - he said all lthose ingredients were catergory A - safe so i did and they worked wonders. He wouldn't let me even have lemsip though or anything cough/cold like though.
    Hope you are feeling better soon
    Julie x

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    Funny, I was just speaking with my sis about this very thing. Her OB told her that in the 3rd trimester its absolutely fine to take cold and flu tablets. I think you should check directly with your OB or health care provider rather than a pharmacists. I hope there are no pharmacists out there but I've got to say that I've had some pharmacists give some very incorrect advice in the past and don't trust them.

    If you put the information that everyone has posted together then Codral should be fine......
    Codral (daytime) contains: Paracetamol, Pseudoephedrine, Codeine
    PinkPalace was told she could take panadol (= paracetamol) and sudafed (= pseudoephedrine)
    PlonkeeMumma was told she could take panadol and codeine
    So that's your ingredients of Codral!

    Like I said before though, I think you should check directly with your OB.

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