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    ReeRee1979 Guest

    Question Crohn's Disease

    Hi jus wondering if there are any pregnant or have been pregnant women out there who suffer from Crohns Disease and their stories about medications and problems during pregnancy etc I have crohns and am currently 15 nearly 16 weeks pregnant and have already been in hospital with an active flair up was put back on meds and steroids etc Drs dont say much about it and my specialist cannot do anyfurther unless it comes to surgery but we wont do that unless emergency now... So any info etc would be helpful even if its you have a healthy pregnancy once put on steroid and if birth weight etc was effected due to the steroids etc

    Much Appreciated if you would share

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    hi there...
    a girlfriend of mine has crohns disease, and with her first pregnancy, i think she found the pregnancy really helped things, and she felt alot healthier and didnt have any flair ups... she couldn't breast feed because of medication from memory... with her second pregnancy i think she was really sick, but i am not sure if this was to do with crohns or not - sorry i am probably not being much help. after her second pregnancy she did have surgery to remove a section of her bowel/intestine.

    sorry i probably haven't helped so much. good luck, i know its a really hard condition to deal with and it can be a struggle, i hope things start looking up for you and you have a healthy pregnancy.

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    Hello, Is there a Crohn's info and support network? - they may be able to recommend a Dr or obstetrician with a special interest in this area which I'm sure would help you enormously! Also there may be some (international) online forums where you might be able to get some more info too. Try googling Crohns support and see where that gets you. Remember to go to your visits armed with a list of questions that need answered.

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    JadeTara Guest


    Hi Ree Ree
    I have Crohns Disease too, sorry to hear your having a tough time. I have been in and out of hospital with severe vomiting (Hyperemisis) and last visit my CD flared a little so my GI put me on hydrocortisone and then oral prednisilone.
    What drugs are you on? I'm also on Colazide. The above steroids mentioned do not cross the placenta so doesnt affect baby, this info was given to me by the pharmasist in hospital care of the RWH drug and pregnancy dept.
    Hope this helps some.

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    ReeRee1979 Guest


    Im on Mesasal 250mg 3 times daily.
    Panafcort 5mg Tablets was 8 per day but down to 2 as of tomorrow (prednisone)
    Yes it is a tuff thing to deal with especially the side effects of the steroids like the pimples sore as hell and itch people look at you like your a drug addict and dont deserve to be pregnant etc.
    Not Pleasant at all...
    I have looked at alot of Crohns web sites etc but not really helpful and none really based in Australia seem to have much info. Id rather hear first hand from people who have dealt with this than medical research i find it easier and more real.
    I was on waiting list well still am for another barage of test so i could have the section cut out as it is always the same spot that flares up. And yes constant vomiting so i cant even stomach water or ice till given injections to stop vomiting and pain relief for the unbearable pain. Have been in hospital 3 times for this but hate them so much.
    Other than that i eat what i want because what do most Drs say the list of no nos are
    everything but fruit and salads.. Couldnt live of that alone would kill me....


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    Hi ReeRee, I don't have any advice for you, just wanted to say I hope you can find some relief during your pregnancy.

    I knew a girl with Crohns Disease, and she got it under control when she went to a Naturopath and she was on a diet of numerous juices for a while. Probably not something you could consider when pregnant, but just thought I'd mention that she had success with her naturopath with regards to Crohns.

    Hope you feel better soon.

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    Hi ReeRee, I am so sorry to hear you are having such a tough time. I really feel for you. I had/have Crohns. I had an operation to remove the diseased part of my intestine about 10 years ago and haven't had any problems (touch wood) since. My Gastro/surgeon must have done a good job. My pregnancy didn't cause a flare up. Fingers crossed it continues this way for me. And big hugs to you. I hope that you are feeling much better soon!!!! xx

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    Hi ReeRee I hope that you are feeling better and can get some releif from the crohns.
    My husband has Crohns desease and although he wasnt pregnant he had to change meds in order for us to get pregnant so I guess it affects both sexes.
    Wishing you a healthy pregnancy and hope the crohns settles down for you.

    Take care

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    deehelen Guest


    I have ulcerative colitis (which is in the same "family" as crohns). During my pregnancy I took salofalk (mesalazine) and prednisone (35mg a day for the last 4 months).

    I too was nervous about taking these medications while pregnant, but my gastroenterologist and obstetrician both assured me that it was important that I did as the most important thing for the baby was to maintain my health. As a result of this pregnancy I now have a perfect and healthy 10 month old baby boy.

    I hope that your Crohns does not flare any further during your pregnancy and fingers crossed even goes into remission.

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    angiel Guest


    I have Crohns Disease too, sorry to hear your having a tough time. I have been in and out of hospital a lot within the last few weeks. I hope it all goes well for you. Keep us in the loop!!

    Try the ultimate colon cleanser today.

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    Hi There,
    I have also been dealing with Crohn's from 2005, was diagnosed 3 weeks after giving birth to my son, Im also thinking of having another child in the future, but the docs give me two different opinions about, just wanted to know if anyone has gone to through pregnancy with Crohn's and what has been the results or symptoms if any after giving birth, that is my main concern at this stage, also it has been suggested that if I do have a baby I should opt for c section instead of normal labour, something to do with long term side effects. Thanks for your help and tips.

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    Smile Crohn's disease

    I;m new to this forum and not sure if I am posting in the right section, but I have had UC for 10 years now and my last flare up before xmas showed more like crohn's disease. I am currently on infliximab and will be indefinately. Has anyone been on this before or during pregnancy or methotrexate? I have been advised that both are not recommended during pregnancy - but my speacialist said there were studies to say they were safe to take as I need to be on something.

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    I donít really have any advice for you either, but I hope you can find some comfort, and good information on pregnancy.

    I did come across this blog the other day someone wrote on Crohnís disease

    Crohn's Disease

    hope it helps a bit.

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