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    Angry Dental Problems

    Hi guys

    just a question, i am awake at 2am in real pain from a tooth ache from my top right wisdom tooth. Just wondering if any one knows if it is safe to have teeth pulled whilst pregnant. I am thinking i have heard somewhere that it is not safe. I am 13 weeks pregnant. Thanks

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    I would call a dentist first thing in the morning and ask. I think that if it is causing too much trouble they will take it out. From memory a couple of people here have had teeth pulled while pregnant. *hugs* hope you feel better soon.

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    Yes it is safe. In fact if you do have problems with your teeth when pregnant it can in some circumstances cause problems for your unborn baby

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    I agree Leila, talk to your dentist, but I would think if your wisdom tooth is troubling you then having it out would be the best thing for you.

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    Thanks for you speedy replys guys. I am going to give my dentist a call as soon as he opens.

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