My partner is 6 weeks pregnant. She lives in Russia. She has had spotting (bright red colour, no clots) on and off for the last week. Initial ultrasound showed the usual developing embryo in the right place. So it's not ectopic or molar. Her doctor initially prescribed 40 milligrams daily of Duphaston (a type of Progestogen) and now she is receiving daily injections of Ethamsylate as well -which is some kind of drug which assists platelets sticking together.
How will this affect a developing foetus? Are these drugs prescribed for this reason here?
I have lived in Russia and do not trust the medical system there. They have some insane ideas.
I am extremely concerned about this. There is little appropriate information on the net about this, but generally both drugs are contra-indicated for pregnant mums. As I understand, the treatment here is a "wait and see" approach with close attention from the doctor.
Does anyone know who I could ask about this? Doctors are reluctant to give information without seeing the patient. It's incredibly frustrating.
I am very worried...