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Thread: Excess Anmiotic Fluid - Polyhydramnios

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    Question Excess Anmiotic Fluid - Polyhydramnios

    At my 18 weeks scan the sonographer reported that I had excess amniotic fluid.

    In a second scan later that week, the different sonographer didnt report it and so the doctor I saw immediatley afterwards dismissed it as not true.

    When I saw my regular antenatal clinic doctor, he said to keep an eye out for getting too big too soon! Geez, I feel bigger everyday!

    My understanding is that if there is too much fluid than maybe the baby is not 'inhaling' or drinking the fluid as he should?

    Does anyone know more about or experienced this problem with anmiotic fluid?

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    I have fortnightly growth scans to check my bub as she has a heart defect and is growing at a smaller rate than is normal. For about 2-3 months the charts i was given after each scan indicated i had a HUGE amount of amniotic fluid (sometimes off the chart :eek. This is why my fundal height measurment always measured an accurate size for bubs development each checkup (eg 32cms at 32 wks) when i knew that bub was actually very tiny. I was worried about the excessive amount but my OB never seemed phased by it. I guess everything else looked good during the scans.

    Only now at 35+ weeks has my fluid calmed down. Thank goodness - i thought there'd be a tidal wave when my waters broke if it stayed at such a high level - lol!!!

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    I had this too. My tummy was HUGE! I was offered a procedure to reduce some of the fluid (but said no thanks!)

    Mine was a side effect of having GD. I was told that it COULD mean the baby isnt "drinking" the fluid etc and that there could be problems there... As with Rae, it got a bit lower at the very end of my pregnancy... but i was still measuring something like 46w 38w!! (dont ask me how they figured that oue out!)

    Im not really much help, abby was fine, it didnt hurt her in any way... i just was rather huge and it was a bit painful at times but i think most pregnent ladies are in pain by the end of it!!

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    It's worth mentioning that lots and lots of women have extra fluid in the late 1st/early 2nd tri - it's your body making room for bub's next growth spurt. It can be a sign of potential problems if it remains throughout the 2nd tri and into the 3rd but generally it calms down again. My local hospital doesn't even scan (unless you've already had problems) during the 2nd tri for this reason.

    If the 2nd doc said it wasn't true i'd put it right out of your head. Sounds like if there was excess it's resolved itself.

    As for "you're so big/small" comments/feelings, i reckon every pregnant woman suffers those! I can remember one day i got up, was about 23 or 24 wks, felt great, still in my normal jeans with a rubber band holding the top 2 buttons shut, went to work, receptionist : "God you're MASSIVE, when do you go off for maternity leave?" Got into office, workmate: "WHen are you going to start looking pregnant?. So subjective. I had says when i got up feeling 20wks preg and went to bed feeling 40wks! The day before she was born (41wks3days) i felt like an elephant - been pregnant for at LEAST 2 years.



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    Thanks everyone!

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