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Thread: FactorVLeiden and pregnancy - help

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    Default FactorVLeiden and pregnancy - help

    hi there,

    I have FactorVLeiden (heterozygote) and my OB has recommended that i start daily injections of Clexane to prevent blood clots. I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and i have no previous history of blood clots although my mother has had several. this is my first pregnancy and I have no history of miscarriage. I have a friend who has the same condition as me, she has had 2 babies but was not put on these injections for either one and all was fine.
    I am very confused and nervous about these injections. i have been trying to get a second opinion on this but i live in a country area and have been unable to find anyone who can see me until january next year. is there anyone who has this condition who would be willing to share their experience? were clexane injections required? or not? and how was the outcome in either case. any advise would be greatly appreciated as i'm not sure of which way to go.

    many thanks


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    Hi newtothis,

    I'm not able to help you with this but i know KAB will be able to. Hopefully she will be able to answer some of your questions.

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    Sarah (KAB) will definitely be able to help you out, and Michelle71 may be able to as well.....hopefully one of them will log on soon and see this! I know Sarah had the Cleaxne when she had her daughter Lucy, and sh'e now pg again and injecting the Clexane again. I'll let her tell you the whole story......

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    Hi newtothis,

    I have FVL and am also Heterozygote. This was diagnosed through blood tests after i lost my first child Katelyn 18 weeks into our pregnancy. I dont want to scare you because we have been told differing opinions by specialists and doctors relating to the actual cause of Katelyn's death but my belief is that she passed away due to a blood clot that developed because of my FVL. To try and reassure you though one specialist i saw in Perth who is highly regarded in his field said that he had treated heaps of women with FVL who had not had an outcome such as mine. I couldnt trust my body anymore so as soon as i was pregnant with my second child Lucy (who thankfully is here safe and healthy) i started aspirin treatment of 100mg per day (commonly known as a baby aspirin due to the dosage) and then once we had an ultrasound at 7 weeks to determine we had a heartbeat we switched to Clexane injections of 40mg per day up until 36 hours before her birth. I was absolutely packing myself about having to do the needles (as im sure you are too) but honestly once you get into the swing of it and learn all about how to do it so it doesnt hurt so much they get easier. My biggest tip is needle in quick - Clexane in SLOW. I am pregnant now with my third child and i opted straight for the Clexane again because without it i lost my daughter and with it i was able to hold a beautiful screaming daughter in my arms. Now like i said i dont mean to scare you because FVL doesnt mean that everyone has a bad outcome - obviously you know this because you have a friend who has successfully negotiated two pregnancies. There is no way after my experiences that i would ever consider a pregnancy without clexane treatment. If you have any questions please let me know as i am an open book. At the end of the day you need to do your research and listen to your healthcare providers and make yourself an informed decision based on what you think is the right thing to do.

    Love Sarah xx

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    I too have heterozygous FVL. Caitlyn was stillborn at 25w and there was a retroplacental clot (however this can occur after death and may not have been the cause of her dying in utero). The OB thinks there may have been an issue with 2nd phase implantation which occurs around 22w.

    I started aspirin 100mg after 2 blood tests that indicated a rising HCG. I was due to commence clexane after a viable foetus was detected on u/s. We have a HB but I also have a small bleed at the site of implantation so I have held off on the clexane until after seeing the OB on Monday.

    I believe my Mum has FVL and she delivered 2 children safely without interventions like me but she developed a large blood clot in her leg after my sister was born by c-section.

    There are many viewpoints on the use of anti-coagulation in pregnancy. When trying to conceive Caitlyn we were told by an IVF specialist that they wouldn't consider aspirin and clexane due to my heterozygous FVL alone (despite previous miscarriages). Now, I think they feel it would be negligent NOT to use it considering Caitlyn's loss.

    In your situation you need to do some research and ask as many questions as you can such as why do you think it is required now and not at the beginning of the pregnancy?? Informed choice is the only answer to this dilemma and you need to do what is best for you and what you are comfortable with.

    Wishing you the best of luck.

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    hi ladies,

    thank you so much for both of your replies, it is a relief to hear from people who have some experience with this. i am very sorry to hear of the losses both of you suffered, my heart goes out to you.

    all the best for the future and many thanks

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