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Thread: The flu and operating, or birth?

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    Unhappy The flu and operating, or birth?

    Hey everyone

    I am 36 weeks pregnant, and have just come down with some rotten flu from my daughter it was sort of un-avoidable at the moment. It seems to be a real long lagging flu where you have it for weeks on end and cant get rid of it, Ive already had it for a week and no improvements yet, my daughter has had it for over 2 weeks, and other kids from her daycare have had the same thing for up to 4 weeks.

    I am getting concerned as I may have to have a repeat c section yet, and I have already been told Im not allowed to go to 40 weeks either let alone past my due date, so thats between 2-3 weeks my bubby is born, what if my flu's not gone by then? Will they still operate? can it affect me having the flu and being operated ona s well? If I go into labour before I am booked in for c section I will certainly try vaginally and am worried about my little baby boy getting sick from me when he's born Nice time to get the flu huh? directly before your going to give birth argh!

    any help, I would be grateful thanks!

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    s Danielle - how awful, I hope you can rest up as much as possible to beat this thing!

    I asked the same questions a few days before my elective CS...basically they said I would have to be pretty dreadfull unwell (ie raging fever) before they would consider postponing the CS. Usually they go ahead and do it anyway, even if you feel sick.

    I'm not really sure but I think when your bub is born he will have any immunity that you've already developed as a result of fighting the illness, so try not to worry about that too much!

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