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    I had an amnio nearly three weeks ago and since thenb I have noticed increased discharge to the point is really dampens my undies. TMI sorry. I have been back and forth to the hospital many times and the have done a speculum exam and each time say it doesnt appear to be amniotic fluid but cant disregard there may be a leak. I am due at my antetal clinic on Tuesday so will check again then. But I want to know how can I tell myself if it is a leak or just urine. I have always had a weak bladdr anyway, has anyone else had a urine leaking issue before.

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    I ended up in hospital with suspected leaking amniotic fluid at 34 weeks but after 4 days and a lot of tests it's bubs head sitting on my bladder that's causing the leaking. Any bh or pressure on my belly made it worse. Hope you get answers soon.

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