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    Hi I was just wondering if anyone else has been unlucky enough to have food poisoning while they were pregnant?

    I went out for tea last night at Cafe Primo, I felt fine when I got home but woke up around 11:30 with terrible stomach cramps and then had the loverly after effects of food poisoning(I'm not going into details). I've been off all day and I still can't drink or eat as everything comes up! The hospital has said they admit me tomorrow if I'm not feeling any better! I'm worried about how bubs will cope through this, just wondering if anyones had a similar situation?
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    Kelly, I had vomitting bugs several (I think 7!) times when pg with no 2. Baby should be fine - the only worry is dehydration. When I had had it for over 48 hours I needed to go to hossy to be put on a drip. So if you are struggling with keeping fluids in, it would be a good idea to call your ob/mw to let them know and they might admit you. But if you are still weeing plenty and don't seem to be dehydrated there is nothing to worry about. It's very unpleasant I know, but bub will be fine.

    I finally found the cure to mine - I had the baby and didn't get another bout LOL!

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