I'm just looking for some advice about BP issues Iím having. I'll copy and paste it from some other posts i have, so i hope it all makes sense.

I'm currently almost 11 weeks into my second pregnancy. For the past 5 weeks or so Iíve been feeling dizzy almost every day, on and off throughout.

I have fallen over a few times. Not fainted, but just couldn't keep standing up and kind of had to let myself fall if that makes sense?

I know a few times its been because Iíve been so busy lately and haven't eaten or drunk very much, but other times Iíve been resting and eating well and it happens irrespective of this.

It happens more when I am standing up, but I still get it a little bit even when sitting down. Quite often when standing I need to hold onto things as I feel unsteady on my feet.

5 weeks ago I had my first obs appointment. I hadn't started the dizziness then, but when he took my blood pressure it was 145/63, when its normally around 110/(70-80).

Ok, so fast forward to last Saturday. Have still been feeling dizzy, and was quite dizzy Sat afternoon.. Was at our synagogue during this, and there is an organisation in our community which is like an early response paramedic service (they don't transport you to hospital, but have a lot faster response times then an ambulance, and they are trained in emergency medicine.. they have very good links with the ambos etc)

Anyway, somebody there is a member, so i ended up telling him about the issue as I had been dizzy for around 1.5hrs. I mainly told him because I wanted to see what my BP was during a dizzy spell.

He said he was less concerned with my diastolic figure, and thought the top one would be causing the dizziness. He took my pulse (80) and my systolic BP was still at 150 (he didn't do the diastolic. He did a blood glucose reading (5.5), and said in his opinion I should go to hospital and have it checked out.. he was going to call me and ambulance, but the thought of spending many hours in an emergency department on a sat night wasn't my thing.

I still had my baby with me, so I told him I would go home, put the baby to bed, call my obs, and then organise a babysitter and go in if necessary.

We paged my obs (with am impressive 30 sec before I got my callback), he says this early on, pregnancy shouldn't be the cause of the dizziness and high bp, and itís probably due to something else, but he didn't think i needed to go to hospital...

There is a history of high BP in my family, so now Iím getting worried Iíll end up having a heart attack or something.

Now (Mon lunch time), I've just come back from the GP. My BP is still 145/60 (and I wasn't even dizzy then).. She is quite concerned, as wants me to have it monitored every 2 days, so Iím back there Wed and then to my obs on Friday.

She didn't want to treat me, as she wants my obs to really be in charge, but she did want to refer me onto a physician who deals with issues during pregnancy, but i think she will wait and see how my obs wants to proceed.

She seemed to say it wasn't quite high enough to go on meds yet, but it has been elevated for quite a while and she was quite concerned that it will need constant monitoring and possibly medication... She did say thought that there wasn't much that she could give me for the dizziness that was safe..

I told her I was quite worried (but that I trusted her that not much could be done about it), especially as I fell over yesterday morning at the top step of our stairs and almost fell down the staircase (she seemed a little worried at this also). I'm just worried that something will happen while holding the baby, or driving the car etc etc. (especially as we know of a women who had BP issues and last week passed out whilst driving and was killed in the accident)

She also couldn't really say if this would continue on after the pregnancy.

She wants to me rest a lot this week, and possibly try and drop some subjects from my course (which isn't really so possible, but i might try for an extension on the exams)....

Can anyone give me some advice or reassurance? Or tell me what I could expect from here on in??