thread: GD how long after meals do you test?

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    May 2007

    GD how long after meals do you test?

    I often find I am starving if I wait the full two hours..... Do you all strictly wait till the 2 hour mark?

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    When I am really hungry I test earlier, if it is o.k then I will eat something and if not then I wait the two hours.

    You can eat zero carb snacks while you wait ie celery lol, there must be other stuff too though if you google

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    I was told I could have a apple while waiting for the test time frame HTH!!!

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    May 2007

    Thanks! I am finding it so hard I am a SAHM with a 14 month old so I am used to just grabbing food on the run at short intervals....usually every hour so this having a "meal" and then waiting to test is doing my head in

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    Dec 2007

    When I was testing when I was pregnant the diabetes educator said to test earlier but to also make a note how much earlier than 2 hours I tested.

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    Sep 2008
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    I do wait 2 hours each time. I have the oppposite problem than most in that I am not a grazer. its killing me trying to eat 5 small meals throughout the day! I'd rather have a big breakfast, a decent lunch and a small dinner.