Hi Lovelies,

I have a question about gums during pregnancy. I have had a slight niggle on one side of my lower jaw for a few days. Because I grind my teeth on that side in my sleep, I just assumed it was that. But this morning I noticed swelling on the outside right where the pain is. Grabbing my old faithful (penlight torch) I noticed some wrinkling around one tooth but only on the outer side. It also seems like there are some teeny white spots there (possibly an ulcer?) but there is plenty of gum between the teeth still. Also, there are no significant lumps in my mouth (so have ruled out an abcess esp since the "sores" are more on the cheek side than the tooth side). I also have a super sore throat today and can see spots on my throat (normal for a sore throat). Throat has improved with salt water gargle.
I HATE the dentist and am avoiding going unless 100% necessary. So my question is this - is this normal during pregnancy? I know bleeding from brushing can be. I brush twice a day (min) and only use a soft brush.

Thanks lovelies.