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Thread: Had GCT today...

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    Default Had GCT today...

    Hi girls...

    I had my GCT today and I really felt quite sick, waiting around that hour, like I was going to throw up! Really really sweet things have been making me feel sick during the last 3 months or so anyway - I can eat some chocolate but not a lot, before it starts making me feel sick.

    I'm just a bit concerned that it meant my body wasn't coping well with the glucose and that might mean that perhaps I might have GD...? Did anyone feel quite sick after drinking that drink but get the all clear on the test results?

    Sigh...I guess I'll just have to wait and see...but I've just been reading about how Bubs might have to go into special care for 24 hours if I have GD and it breaks my heart to think I'll miss out on that bonding time with Bubs...

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    I had a GCT on monday, and about 5 minutes after, I really felt ill, almost to the point where I thought I would be sick in the waiting room. It has always happened with all the GCT's i have had in the past as well. I was made wait for 2 hours however, and by the time it was over, I felt really faint and lightheaded. But after a cup of eco and a cheese toasted sandwich when i got home, i was fine. BTW, my test came back great, so I dont think being ill, means you have diabetes,,,,good luck with the results hun

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    Thanks so much Lil Aussie, I really appreciate it. the results back today and it's all good! Lots of worry for nothing! One thing they never tell you about being much you worry about everything being okay!

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