thread: Hear heartbeat in left!!!

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    Feb 2009

    Hear heartbeat in left!!!

    Hi, I am now 20 weeks pregnant and for the last few days, I have been hearing heartbeat-like sound on my left ear. Sometimes I feel that the left ear has been blocked - when I move my head around, I can hear some whooshing sound. Is this a common symptom during pregnancy or is it an ear infection? Has anyone experience it before?

    I will be seeing my OB next Tuesday. Should I wait till then to ask her about this problem or should I see my GP ASAP? I just did a research in google - people said that it might be due to the change in high blood pressure, some said ear infection and worse case scenario, some said some kind of cancer.I am getting worried.

    If anyone has experienced this before during their pregnancy, please share your thoughts/feedbacks


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    My first thought is to stop googling! It's too scary.

    I'm pretty sure I've read about this, and that it's to do with the fact that your body has more blood now, so your pressure will be higher.

    My advice would be, if you're worried, call your hospital/midwife and see what they say.

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    Apr 2009

    Relax hun! I get it all the time. You need to see your GP (not really ASAP unless its really bothering you). Sounds like you need to get it drained before it gets too bad. My doc said the heart beat thing was the pressure the wax was having on the ear drum. Or something like that. Anyway having it drained cleared it up for a while. Might help if you dont stick your ears under water for a while as well.

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    Feb 2009

    Thanks Nelle and Waiting...I will ask my OB when I see her next Tuesday....will keep you girls posted...I think it might be due to a change in my blood pressure or just one of the symptoms in pregnancy....but the thumping sound is starting to annoy me

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    my ear used to get blocked all the time - where i could hear the echo in my head everytime i spoke and that is the most frustrating thing ever. hope you get yours sorted soon. sounds like the draining thing is a good idea

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    Aug 2007

    hi, ummm well I had the same thing but after I had my baby, in the hospital, turned out I had internal bleeding and was severely anemic, I ended up with a blood transfusion!
    not that this is happening to you, im sure!! but have you had your iron levels checked recently?

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    OMG I have being getting this for years. I have being to dr's about it one telling me I needed an MRI. The MRI was all clear and now I hear it can be something as simple as wax build up? It is so anoying and I can't sleep for the thud and then the worry something isn't right. Off to get my ears cleaned asap see if that stops. Then the BP. It was also so much worse when pregnant. It makes sense that it would be worse in pregnancy with the extra blood you are carrying around and increased pressure.

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    To be on the safe side I have booked my GP next Monday. Will keep this thread posted abt the outcome

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    I had this with DS and it was soooooo irritating. It went away eventually. Never had it with DD. I just wrote it off as one of those weird preggy things.

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    Lol oh God, when I was pregnant with DD my frickin' heart BOOMP-BOOMP-BOOMPing in my ear used to keep me up all night :/ I had the same symptoms as you but they went away when DD was born, so I assumed it was just a heightened blood pressure thing maybe? Although my blood pressure was really low throughout... just increased volume of blood maybe, making the noise louder somehow?

    Hope all goes well