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    i am being monitored for hypertension/ preeclempsia for the last month or so, i am 38 weeks now. i havent had any symptoms apart from high blood pressure readings. i havent got any protein in urine and bloods have come back normal. i just have to keep going back for monitoring. i have been told about the signs to look out for, ie- abdominal pain, visual disturbances, headaches etc. however yesterday i developed a rather uncomfortable symptom that may or may not be realted. i found that my breathing was difficult, my heart was racing a little and it was pounding through my chest, i could feel it. plus my chest was really tight. it lasted for about 20 minutes and happened three times. it even woke me up from sleep last night.

    do you think this is a symptom of hypertension or something else, i havent been told about it by doctors. should i get it cheked out immediately or wait until wednesday wheni have my next appointment?

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    If you are not having the symptoms now then I would wait until Wednesday. High blood pressure can give you the feelings that you describe, but so can many other things. Your racing heart is palpitations. This can happen to anyone occasionally and is considered normal. However if it happens more than once every couple of months or so it needs to be checked.

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    thanks alan, i will keep my eye on it.

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