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    Default Hyperemesis

    I have o idea if that is spelt right or not, but anyway. For those who don't know it's basically a very serious case of morning sickness.
    I had one pg and ended up aborting at 14 weeks, no morning sickness at all.
    Got pg the same time one eyar later and ended up in hospital on a drip for four weeks due to hyperemesis.
    We are considering TTC again, and just wondering if this is a recurring condition. Has anyone else had this and then got pg again?
    Thanks for any help that anyone can give me!

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    One of my friends ended up on a drip in hospital during her first pregancy. The poor girl vomitted so much that she got to the point where she was comfortable with vomiting in public.
    During her second pregnancy she got morning sickness but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as the first time.

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