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Thread: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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    Default Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Hello all,

    I was diagnosed with IBS in 2005. It can be induced by either stress or diet - I find that full-fat dairy and fatty meat are the main culprits, food wise. Given that I can avoid the triggers, it has been well under control for awhile.

    However, I've had several episodes since falling pregnant. It takes less of the dietary triggers to set it off (I had ONE glass of full cream milk and was out of commission right away) and the pain is much more intense.

    Just wondering if anyone else out there is experiencing similar issues? I know digestive/gastric complaints are pretty much par for the course during pregnancy - I'm just interested to know what other sufferers are experiencing.

    Hope everyone is well!

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    I've suffered from IBS since I was about 4 years old so I know the pain you're going through. Mine got a lot worse in my late teens when I started drinking alcohol and not eating as well (a lot more junk and less substantial and frequent meals - typical 18-20 year old). I did finally learn what my triggers were and that a healthy diet (with LOTS of vegies!) and regular exercise really helped.

    When I fell pregnant, my IBS kicked in straight away as I suffered terrible morning sickness (24/7 nausea) and just wasn't eating properly. I ended up going back to a daily dose (or two some days) of Metamucil and it helped so much. Once the morning sickness disappeard (around 18 weeks), I started eating regular, very healthy meals and drank a lot of water. My IBS had never been better - it was pretty much non-existent throughout the rest of my pregnancy but I did have to continue with the Metamucil every day.

    What you're experiencing is very normal. A lot of your organs are affected by pregnancy and our bowels slow down considerably with all the hormones that come with pregnancy. I highly recommend a good does of Metamucil (or Benefibre) daily.

    Good luck!

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    Yep Im another one, with DD it flared up really badly, this time round it has only been the last 2-3 weeks. The pharmacist has given me Coloxyl to take for the last couple of weeks (not the one with senna) as well as metamucil & that seems to be helping a bit

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