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    hi im new at this an hope iv posted my comment in the right place... please advise other wise first time pregnant, i had a 20 wk scan an it showed that my baby has 2dilated or inlarged ventricules (i think that is the correct spelling) and since then iv had a further 2 more scans blood test and an a anmio the blood test have come back all fine and i am still waiting for the anmio which is unlikly to show anything i am now booked in on wednesday for a MRI another scan next week as i am now 25 weeks... if anyone has been through this could you please share your story as i am so scared at the moment that there is something wrong with my baby as the doctor keeps saying that we should think about aborting if thats the road we chose to take??

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    Ohh hun, sorry but I couldnt not stop and post. I havent got any experiences for you with what your going through but wanted to wish you all the best of luck, and I hope your little bub is just fine. loads of hugs.

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    thank you

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