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    I tested with no immunity to parvovirus (slap cheek) and borderline immunity to rubella and I'm wondering if people have any tips to avoid these things.

    I have many friends with children and also relatives and want to make sure i'm careful but not to the point that any child coughing makes me paranoid. (e.g. like today)

    We have a big party coming up where all our friends and family will be present, including kids.. Any tips on how to avoid these things would be great. Have had enough stress thus far without worrying myself stupid about this as well.

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    I would ask your ob for reassurance. I was told that my low level of immunity to rubella would be sufficient and that put my mind at ease so I didn't give it another thought for the rest of my pregnancy (but after having that bub I went and got a rubella booster in preparation for my next pregnancy).

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    I have no immunity to Parvovirus either and they are most infectious before they show symptoms. I had my nephew staying with us for a week and he came down with a fever and vomiting, we took him to see the Dr and he said that mothers with more than 1 child will generally have to deal witha sick child at some point during thier PG and they are ok the majority of the time.
    My only suggestion is to avoid unessessary contact with sick children and make sure you wash you hands after handling someone else child.
    I work as a nurse and obviously have to be in close contact with sick people, I also needed to be treated for menigicoccal during the week I conceived as I had nursed a very sick patient and it was only the next day we found out why she was so sick. Luckliy I knew there was a chance I could be PG so made sure the meds were safe in PG (the recommended one isn't).
    I hope this information reassures you a little.

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    Make sure all the ppl attending the party know you are immuno-suppressed so that they then are responsible for not turning up if anyone's feeling poorly...even if they're not sick yet. Also wash your hands thoroughly and frequently.

    My stepmum has had an organ transplant so everyone in the family knows - if you're not well/even think you MIGHT be coming down with somethig - then just don't come!

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