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Thread: maybe baby after pe & hellp

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    Default maybe baby after pe & hellp

    Hi Girls

    I know this should probably be in the tcc section, but there isn't really anything for tcc after preg. complications so here I go.

    We are thinking about tcc # 3. I had Isaac in Feb at 32weeks due to severe pe and hellp syndrome. Just wondering if anyone has had these 2 nasties before and had another 'normal' pregnancy after???

    Thanks Zoe

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    Not sure what hellp is but I read an article a few months ago that said if you have another baby within 3ys you have less chance of getting PE again. Anytime after the 1st year but before 3 ys. After the 3rd year your risk increases again as though it was a first pg again. Wish I had read it earlier as it has been 4yrs since our last pg.

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    I don't know what hellp is.
    I had PE with both of my pregnancies and they was 2 years apart. It doesn't always happen more than once and if it does it sometimes happens later in to the pregnancy.
    I started to get PE at 33 weeks with my first pregnancy and 36 weeks with my second. I'm pg with #3 and i am hoping it won't happen again but will keep you updated if it does.
    I think the best thing to do is talk to your Dr or a OB about it.

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