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Thread: Measles, contact during pregnancy

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    Hi all,

    I was just wondering what can happen when you come into contact with measles while you are pregnant??

    Yesterday I went to my friends daughters 1st birthday and her nephew was there who is only about a month old and he has mealses. No one told me he had measles until after I had clucked over him, so now Im a bit worried.

    Is there any problem, should I ring my doctor etc etc. Any info will help.

    thanks Lindy

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    I would ring your Dr and ask about it. Often if you talk to the receptionist they will pass a message on to Dr and get them to call you back. Better to check than be worried.

    Do you know when the babies rash came out? I also know they are contagious before the rash comes out and then for about 4 days after.....
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    Dont' worry Lindy. Exposure is only a problem during the first trimester. You are past that now so you should be fine. Please don't worry.

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    Thanks ladies,

    Im not sure when he actually got the rash, but it wouldve only been a couple of days ago. But I decided to ring my docs surgery and the nurse said I should be fine as they routinely test for rubella immunity when you are first pg. She also said it should be fine this far along, so all looks good. Im sure if there is any problems they will ring me back.

    thanks for your replies anyway, its always a worry when you dont know whats going on and after having a hard time actually getting this far, it means a lot to me to make sure things are ok.

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    As the nurse said, they test your blood with the first blood test of the pregnancy for rubella immunity. The Dr should be able to look at your results on their computer system and check. I think Drs are supposed to tell you if you have no immunity (but I may be wrong).

    I am sure you will be fine though. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy.

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