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Thread: Ovarian cyst - cut out at beginning of 2nd trimester

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    Default Ovarian cyst - cut out at beginning of 2nd trimester

    It was a dermoid cyst and was removed by laparotomy (ie the big cut, not keyhole - to protect fetus) when I was 14 weeks pregnant. Let me know if you are facing the same decision (remove it or monitor it for rest of pregnancy after which you must get surgery anyway), and I can expand on this. Basically they didn't know it was benign until after cutting it out. So it was a cancer issue - hideous!

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    Back in 1997, when pregnant wth my little angel DD, i developed severe pain, and was given an ultrasound, which found a 4 cm hydrasaphalinx (sp?) cyst in my right fallopian tube, They put me in hospital, and fasted me ready for surgery, but about 5 minutes before surgery, the obgyn came back into my room, and told me he was refusing to operate, as he was sure it would cause a misscarraige of bubs. I had to go home, and just wait it out for the next 4 weeks for the pain to subside, and the cyst went away. Unfortunately, I lost my little girl at 30 weeks anyway.

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    uggh I had a laparotomy in 2001 to remove a large ovarian cyst that was growing on my right ovary. I wasn't PG at the time but we wre TTC#1. I unfortunately lost my tube and ovary and had to same worries as you (was it cancerous???) I've been diagnosed with cancer in the past so my chances were higher of it being malignant, but thankfully it wasn't. My cyst was the size of a soccer ball and was just filled with fluid. From memory is was a simple cyst.

    How was your recovery after the lap?? Mine was the pitts.

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