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Thread: Pain in upper abdomenal ??PE??

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    Default Pain in upper abdomenal ??PE??

    With my last pregnancy i was induced just before 37 weeks due to PE, at my last check up 24 weeks my blood pressure was high and since then I have had swelling and pain in the upper abdomen the pain is getting worse each day to. I have a appt on fri with midwife but my question is do you think it could be the begining of PE again? Is there more chance of having 2nd time round?

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    tiggy Guest


    If your abdo pain is in the right upper side, I would go to your midwife now. Do you have any other signs of PE? Headaches. vision disturbance?
    I would rather go in and be checked out now than wait. Better to be safe than sorry.

    If you have had PE before then you are at a higher risk of having it again.

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    Thanks for replying tiggy its both sides but its way worse on the right side I havent had any headaches, do you knoiw wht cause the pain in the abdominals

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    If you are worried about the pain i would go to the hospital today and get checked out.

    I've had pre-eclampsia twice now and was well looked after in my last pregnancy.
    When i got to 30weeks pg with Alex i ended up withweekly appt's just so they could keep an extra eye on me.

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    tiggy Guest


    It's liver pain.
    PE causes your liver function to become irratic.
    You need to go to the hospital and get checked out.

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    well i went into the hospital bout 4pm yesterday and only just got home today at 6.30pm! my blood pressure was through the roof and i had sugar in my urine(i think thats what it was) and also my test i had on tue for GTT was too high so now i have to go and have the extended 3hrs test and they will be watching my BP closley and i have to rest. i had Ultrasound today and baby was fine

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    tiggy Guest


    Good news that you went to the hospital, glad that you are being watched closely, glad that baby is fine, GL for your 75g GTT

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