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Thread: penicillin during pregnancy

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    salome Guest

    Default penicillin during pregnancy

    I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant and becasue of tonsilitis my doctor prescribed penicillin.
    I think I've asked him about 5 times (and the pharmacist too if it is really safe to take and she said : its category a, it doesnt have any effect on the baby- besides its worse for the baby to have tonsilitis & temperature untreated.
    What also worries me is the dosis - i have to take 4 tablets / day for 12 days. isnt that a bit much?
    any experiences with this?thanks.....
    cheers salome

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    Im sure if your doctor knows your pg, and u checked with the pharmacist, then the does should be ok....if your still worried, im sure theres anumber you can call.... maybe poisons info line?? or call your dr and make sure for the 6th time its ok to take them and the dose

    Ive not had experiance myself with it during pregnancy.....but i know i cant take anything like that (antibiotics included) on a normal occassion as it upsets my body soo much and i end up with the worst thrush ( sooooorry maybe TMI).

    Goodluck with it though and i hope your feeling better soon

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    salome, you need to look at the dosage of each tablet and not how many a day you are taking. For example, you could be taking 250mg per tablet 4 times a day which is exactly the same as taking two 500mg tablets a day. If you are worried about it, give your local women's hospital a call - they all have help lines for this kind of info. But tell them the dose of each tablet as well as the frequency.


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    So far this pg I have been on 4 diff types of antibiotics (amoxil, 2 types of keflex and augmentim). My bub is okay. If you need to take em, take em..... Letting tonsilitus go untreated will probabley be worse for bubs than taking the penicillan

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    Fruitwood Guest


    Hi, I too had to take antibiotics while I was pregnant and kept checking with my dr and pharmacist but both always made sure that I was on category A medication which is perfectly safe for pregnant women. Your dr wouldn't prescribe something that wasn't safe as the repercussions for them if something happened to your baby would be the end of their career.

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