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    Is what i have been told i have and i have been put on 100 mg Labetalol 3 times a day hopefully it will bring my BP of 157/110 down i had to stay in hospital for couple day during the week to go the Meds but home now but i still dont feel to good very tired and sleepy my hands and feet swelling up and headaches

    has anyone else had this and been induced early from it?
    I was induced at 37 weeks with DS due to Mild PE my BP was 140/90 so not as high now and had litle bit protein in urine and headaches and swelling so the only thing i dont have now is protein in my urine!

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    I always have problems with my BP towards the end of pregnancy but i also start off with high BP before im even pregnant.

    I have been switched to the med and dosage that you are on during pregnancy too. You would be feeling crappy cos you are getting used to the meds still.

    I would say they have put you on the meds to try and get you through to 37 wks which they consider full term. I think if the meds dont stabilise you they wont muck around after you get past 37wks.

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    This isnt much help to you but I too have been diagnosed with PIH. I am on Oxprenolol 40mg 3 times a day and am also a little nervous about what is going to happen as I get closer...

    Tink xx

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    Oooh I only just saw this. I was admitted to hospital with a BP of 180/100 at 37 weeks 2 days, and immediately put on 100mg of Labetalol. My BP shot up one night to 200/100 and scared the hell out of one of the nurses. I was induced at 37 weeks 5 days but due to a traumatic birth my son was sick and needed to stay in hospital for 3 weeks. I hope the Labetalol is helping and your BP is going down, wishing you all the best.

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    My Bp has been better today it was 140/70 so the bottom number is good! im having it checked twice a week i would really like to be induced early as im over being pregnant and sick of resting on the couch there is only so much Dr Phil and Oprah i can watch!:eek: My headaches have settled though so thats a good thing!

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    Oh that is good news. I hope it stays down

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