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Thread: PUPPP may lead to self-mutilation.....

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    catherine Guest

    Default PUPPP may lead to self-mutilation.....

    Having read through some old posts and done some googling I have self-diagnosed my horrendously itchy rash as PUPPP, apparently a very common rash that comes on late in the 3rd trimester (although not mentioned in any of my previously useful pregnancy books).

    I have tried everything to calm the itching (sorbolene, sudocream, calamine, antihistamines, pinetarsol baths....the list goes on). I am thinking of resorting to attacking myself with a potato peeler to see if that does any good.

    I know a couple of you out there will have the same thing, so I am interested (or desperate) to hear how you have coped. I am at the stage where I am wondering if I can put the pressure on my ob to induce (my EDD is this Friday) as I don't think I can take much more of this. I haven't slept for 4 nights and I look like something from a horror movie!!

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    Oh Catherine... I am sorry that I can't suggest anything that you haven't already try.
    Sending you huge cyber hugs anyway... I had itching during the first trimester and that was bad enough.
    I hope things calm down for you real soon and you find some relief

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    Hi Catherine,
    You poor thing.
    I had a really bad rash all over my tummy for the last 2 months of my first pregnancy. The only thing that i found to help it was placing a cold facewasher over my tummy, i tried what you've tried but no cream helped.
    Good luck with it, not long to go now and all these lovley conditions will be gone!

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    Did your OB or midwife have any suggestions for you?

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    Melinda Guest


    I didn't have PUPPP, but it was suspected that I had obstetric cholestasis. Turns out I didn't as I continued to itch post birth.

    But the reason I bring this up is because the itch was driving me positively MENTAL. Without a doubt, I was going crazy. Every morning my pj's would have blood on them from where I was scratching myself stupid. I ended up cutting my fingernails seriously short to stop myself from breaking the skin, but then cursed having done it because I needed the nails to scratch the itch with IYKWIM! It was a thousand times worse at night - bearable by day for the most part. Showers/heat made it worse. There was no distinguishable rash - just itchiness!!!

    I can't offer any solutions as I tried everything I possibly could also - sorbolene, sigmacort, pinetarsol lotion, baby powder, cool baths/showers, dressing lightly in bed to avoid overheating, antihistamines, the works.

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    hmmm, what about a tea tree that kinda makes it burn so hurt & not itchy???
    Could you wear cotton gloves to bed? There's cream at Chemists that can numb your skin, maybe try that??

    I really am not sure but by your ticker it wont be long & you'll be too busy to think about scratching & hopefully once bubs is born it will go???

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    oooh you poor thing how awfull and uncomfortable
    maybe try some vinegar on a cool wet facewasher or in a cool or tepid bath vinegar is really good for itching

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    Poor love...not to make you worry but I actually got the PUPP rash on day 9 AFTER Darcy was born (my due date). I itch all the time with psoriasis but that nearly drove me spare, so you have my total sympathy.

    Have you tried oatmeal baths? (put some oats in a small muslin bag and run under the tap to fill the bath). I also take flaxseed oil, check with the chemist of course but this helps with my irritation.

    Good luck tomorrow!

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