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Thread: Q for Alan: Rhesus Neg

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    Red face Q for Alan: Rhesus Neg

    Interested in your advice please .... I am rhesus neg, my first child has positive blood type & during that p/g I had anti-d injection a few times for vaginal bleeding (p/coital), at 28,34 & on birth. Then I was told that one injection lasted 12 weeks. So if I had some spotting/small bleed within that time I had had an injection I believed I was 'covered'.

    I have a 'touchy' cervix & have p/c bleeding nearly always. During this p/g (16 weeks) I have already had the injection 4 times because I'm now with different carer & they say I need it everytime I bleed.... today it looks like I need another, but my last was only 4 weeks ago. I know I have to have it within 72 hours, but do you think I really need it given I had one 4 weeks ago. I can't find any info that states clearly how long an injection lasts for.

    Thanks for your advice it is really appreciated!

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    Hi Peacelillies

    I am rehsus neg also and I had many episodes with my first pregnancy.

    I was given a information sheet about the Anti D and from my memory it covers you for about 3 weeks. However, every time I had the Anti D they would take a BT to check if I had developed anti-bodies and if I really needed it. Because it is a blood product which is in short supply, I think most Obs are hesitate to give it to you willy nilly.

    I was also told that you had 72 hours to have the injection from when you have had the bleed.

    Perhaps ask that they do a BT first to see if you really need the anti D.

    Hope this helps
    Lv Spring

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    Hi Peacelillies
    Anti D is only needed if there is a chance of your baby’s blood has mixed with yours. If the bleeding was caused by sex and you are sure that the blood did not come from the baby or the placenta then you do not need anti D. If you are not sure then you will need either a blood test or anti D. Each injection will last for 3- 4 weeks depending on who you talk to

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    Default Thank you

    Alan, thank you so very much for your reply. I am very grateful & it has put my mind at ease. I've received such conflicting information between pregnancies! This bleed was definitely cervical as it was immediately after sex & stopped soon after so I am sure that all is fine with baby. I can't thank you enough!

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