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Thread: Septal atrium defect

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    Unhappy Septal atrium defect

    I am 23 weeks pregnant. I was told in my scan that my baby has septal atrium defect and we got this confirmed by a cardiologist. I am just a bit worried taht this may increase my risk of carrying a Down child. I have read and was told by the OBGYN present that heart defects increase the risk of down synd. My blood test and ultrasound results from the 12 week scan claims that i have a 1 in 12000 chance but with this discovery it increases my risk. I dont know waht to do. I am contemplating if i should go for the amniocentistis but am afraid of miscarriage . and even if i found out it was a down child ... i dont know what i should do. can anyone provide me with some information. I am at the worst point of my life

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    I'm so sorry you have had this news in your pregnancy. It may help you decide what to do if you speak to a genetics counsellor who could give you your new statistical risk or having a child with downs syndrome, so you can compare it with the risk of having an amnio. It's not an easy decision no matter what you decide but talking through it with someone trained in these issues might help you make up your mind.

    There are others on here who have been in your shoes so hopefully one of them can come on and be more help to you that I

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    Atrial Septal Defect? I had one of those.

    Did they give you any more information other than Downs? Do they think the hole might close over?

    I know it's hard but out of all the 'markers' for Downs, baby only appears to have one. What about the Nuchal Fold test- has that been done yet?

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    Yeah i did have the nuchal translucency test in my first trimester and the risk was calculated as low....

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