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Thread: Sickness and did you go on to have more children?

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    Default Sickness and did you go on to have more children?

    I have no idea if this is the right section so feel free to move it mods.

    To those that had bad sickness throughout their pregnancy, what motivated you to have more kiddies (I know they are lovely little creatures) but what made you want to put yourself through it again? (not meaning to offend anyone here, sorry if I do). Did you have bad sickness through your next pregnancy or was it a once off?
    Do you think the sex of the child made a difference? (yes I am naive).

    Thank you

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    FluffyLaRue Guest


    I had hideous MS all through my second pregnancy, I even vomtied from MS while in labour

    I went on to have two more babes, both with hideous MS, the last I was bedridden, for 38 weeks. And when I did get up it was to vomit or go to the loo
    they were worth it though!

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    I had BAD ms with Chelsea up until 22 weeks. But that didnt stop me from falling preg 6 weeks after her birth with our 2nd daughter.

    I was sick with Jasmine..but no where near as much..and never vomitted much..more just nausea then anything.

    Both were girls so i dont think gender has alot to do with it.

    2 very different pregnancies (and labour) but same gender!

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    I have had 2 beautiful girls. With DD1 i was sick from day dot til i gave birth. I was even admitted a couple of times from dehydration. I was sick 24/7. I was worried about how i'd go with having a toddler and pg but thought well i want more kids so now or never. With DD2 i had MS from about 8 wks til about 23 but nothing compared to DD1. I personally dont think the sex has too much of an impact as i had 2 girls and 2 totally diff types of MS. With DD2 though i had other complaints such as back pain etc so each and every pg is individual.

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    emmysmum Guest


    I am in 2nd pg now and boy it has been so much different to the 1st pg.
    With my DD emily, i didn't experience MS, only seizures from my epilepsy which really wasnt enjoyable. I had more cravings also, but was smaller and went 5 days over.
    With this pg, I have experienced MS and couldn't put meat in my mouth, drink coffee, eat tim tams, or anything sweet up until about 18 weeks - i couldn't even stand the smell of certain things cooking.
    I haven't had many cravings at all much bigger than last pg though and still have 8 weeks left!

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