thread: Small left ventricle?

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    Small left ventricle?

    Hi we had our 20 week scan recently and it looks like the baby has a small left ventricle. The student Dr who saw us was very unhelpful and didn't really know much about it himself except that it could be an indicator of a congenital defect so we are left in the dark for six weeks until we have another scan. I am just wondering has anyone heard of or experienced this? I would just like to know something about whats going on.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Pinkmummy I'm not sure of your baby's exact diagnosis... but my son was diagnosed with left heart hyplasia (sp?) inutero. His left ventricle was very, very small. But the good news is that bu the next scan six weeks later his left ventricle had grown to within "normal" range

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    Thank you for replying MistyFying. It's comforting to know that it could be possible for things to right themselves. They did say that as everything else appears normal it might not be significant but it is daunting to hear something may be wrong with your bub as I'm sure you know. I'm glad it turned out positive for your son.

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    Can you go to another Dr and get a 2nd opinion? you might be able to get some more answers if you are worried.

    it sorts itself out like MistyFlying's experience