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Thread: Subchorionic bleeding at 8 weeks

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    Default Subchorionic bleeding at 8 weeks

    Hello everyone, I'm Megan, I just stumbled upon this site while researching what is happening in my pregnancy right now.
    Friday I was told (after some vaginal bleeding , a trip to the er and a battery of tests and ultrasound ) that I have a blood clot behind the placenta.
    Baby is doing fine and measuring perfectly , heart rate strong at 150 . It was a relief to hear. I am finding horrid things on the internet(i've been advised to stop looking it up!)

    Has anyone had anything similar happen to them???

    Thanks for listening.

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    Good morning Megan,

    I had spotting and bleeding from 5.5 to ~9 weeks of my current PG. One of my (many) scans showed a subchorionic haemorrhage, which I'm guessing is basically the same thing that you have. I was advised to just rest & take it easy (mimise walking/standing/lifting/bending and no DTD) - note that I wasn't on full bed rest, just very much encouraged to live on the sofa for a bit! I do catch the train to work, and they advised me not to do that.

    A later scan showed that the subch hm had disappeared on it's own. I don't know how much the rest contributed, but i feel like it was the right thing for me to do (and obviously my PG is still going well, cos i'm now 23 weeks). I've heard that the subch hm's can stay around for longer, and would just be monitored if so - obviously taking into account the amount of spotting/bleeding.

    I know how scary it is to go through this, so sending you a big . If I was you, I'd ask the question about rest. I've read different schools of thought on whether rest makes a difference with spotting/bleeding of unknown origin versus subch hm. Some ppl say there's no point resting with unknown spotting, but the literature around subch hm seemed to suggest that it's more recommended.

    Great that bubs looked fine with a healthy heartbeat!! And take heart from the fact others have had this and gone on to have healthy bubba's. All the best.
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    Thanks for responding
    yes I am very scared about the whole situation. It looks to me as if the bleed is very small and the bleeding is in very small amounts which is good.
    When did it clear up? did they ever tell you how big it was or where in the uterus it was located?
    It's all so confusing!
    I am spotting today for the first time in a week....So we will see.

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    On my 6 week u/s they found a subchorionic bleed yet i have had no spotting or bleeding just some light cramping. My GP suggested to get plenty of rest as there may be a higher risk of m/c but i am now 10 weeks and so far everything is going fine. I am yet to have another scan to see if the clot has dissolved or gotten bigger but i'm hoping that it will resolve on its own as i have a 2 year old to look after and its getting harder to try and rest. I too have read some pretty scary stuff on the internet about this condition but my advice would be to talk to your doc if you have any concerns. Hope all goes well for you and big

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    That is exactly what happened to me yesterday! Terrifying isn't it - I am 9 weeks on Wednesday and trying to stay calm.
    How are you doing now?

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