thread: Subchorionic hematoma at 5 weeks

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    Mar 2009

    Subchorionic hematoma at 5 weeks

    Hi everyone,

    TMI warning, sorry girls but I just want to know if anyone else has been through the same thing...

    I am 5 wks 5days and began bleeding brown liquid blood yesterday. I went to emergency ob/gyn for a u/s and was diagnosed with an SCH as big as the embryo sac (no embryo visible yet, too early to see). I was told to take 200mg progesterone tablets (vaginally) 3 times daily and to rest completely until I see another gyn on Tuesday. Bleeding has stopped and now I have just dark brown stain when I wipe and small brown clot-like things.
    Has anyone else had SCH diagnosed this early and been OK? Is progesterone completely safe for bub in the long term?

    Thanks and best wishes for happy healthy pregnancies to all.


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    Mar 2009
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    Hi Carita

    There's quite a large forum entitled "subchorionic hematoma" with lots of info and experiences. You should check it out. I was diagnosed at 8 weeks with SCH and not given any medication but rest. It bled away by 16 weeks. I know it's not easy, but try to stay positive and hang in there. xx

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    Not sure about SH but wanted you to know that progesterone is very safe for babies in the long term. Our bodies (ovaries and placenta) produce it naturally during preg (and in the normal menstrual cycle) and prog pessaries (vaginal tablets!) are fine. Prog has many medical uses and I used it with bubs until 34 weeks when I no longer needed it.