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Thread: Tooth Extraction in 3rd Trimester?

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    Question Tooth Extraction in 3rd Trimester?

    Hello Lovelies,

    Some of you will remember I posted a while back that I had a thing on my gum and you all (rightly so!) told me to get it checked out. Well, now I've been told that after several attempts at root canal on that tooth over the past 12 months, I'm simply going to have to have it out. Now. Apparently the infection is getting worse and it will be best to get it out. I know infection is bad for bubs but am also worried about the prospect of having the tooth out. Very worried. I'm petrified of the dentist and last time I had a tooth out they had to give me valium first! So my question is (I know there are a couple of dental nurses around) - is it safe to have a tooth out in my third trimester? I will be 30 weeks the day I'm booked in. I'm really worried because my dentist (not the one pulling the tooth) told me that she pulled a tooth on a pregnant women not long ago and she went into labour the next day :eek: .
    I've left a message with my Ob to see what she says but she won't be able to get back to me until next week... Anyway - any advice or stories would be great.

    A petrified MG

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    Hi mother goose, it is safe to have an extraction anytime during pregnancy, they just wont use a certain type of anesthetic on you, just make sure you follow all post extraction instructions they give you and take it easy, if the tooth is still infected they may even prescribe you some antibiotics just to make sure evrything heals properly.
    good luck and try and relax it will make things easier for yourself, thinking of you....

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