thread: Abnormal pap smear result

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    Oct 2006

    Abnormal pap smear result

    Has anyone had an abnormal pap smear result?

    I got a letter saying I need to go back to my doctor to discuss my results. I can't get an appointment until next week and being an anxious person, this is going to drive me nuts!
    Just wondering what I can expect? Will I have to have another smear or something more invasive (this is the part freaking me out!). Could it be HPV even if I've only had one sexual partner?

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    May 2008

    Abnormal pap smear result

    I wouldn't worry too much till you see your doctor. It has obviously picked up a change in your cells. These are all graded at different levels and treated differently. Causes can be the hpv but sometimes the cells can just change.
    I had a high grade abnormality change about 7 years ago and needed to be referred to a gyno who did a colposcopy then booked me into day surgery to have a leitz procedure which removed the cells. Follow up colposcopies for 12 months then pap smears every year. Three kids later and just had a normal smear come back, never had a problem since!!
    That is my case though and as I said it is different for everyone :-)

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    Dec 2011
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    I had an abnormal result in August last year (words from receptionist were grade 3 cancerous cells). Went and got a repeat test done by gp in September and it came back fine, although she did recommend a repeat this year instead of next.

    Abnormal results can be from many things (mine was a bit of blood!!!)

    Good luck and fingers crossed for you

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    Jan 2007

    Babe, I have had CIN2 and CIN3 and had to have a the laser biopsy and treatment done, can't remember the name now. Wasn't pleasant but worked, as I am now back onto 2 yearly paps. This was pre kids and I went 6 mthly for a while then yearly etc. Could be a number of differents thigns, Good luck and let us know how you go. Not sure about the HPV, I was also tested positive back then (nearly 7 years ago) and all tests have been clear since my treatment. xoxoh

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    Oct 2006

    Thanks for the reassurance lovelies, so it probably isn't going to be worse case scenario. I really should stay off Dr Google. Receptionist wouldn't tell me anything over the phone except that I need to make an appointment. Very annoying for a control freak like me!

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    Oct 2009
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    I had low grade changes in 2010 and was supposed to go back a year later for a retest. I didn't end up going then, but I just had it a month or so ago and it was all clear. In the meantime I'd read that my having just given birth (to Ianto) could have caused the changes, so I didn't worry

    So, it has come to this.

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    Jan 2007

    Dr Google has NO qualifications babe. When is your appointment??... so hard to wait xoxox

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    Jan 2010
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    I have.

    I had a CIN3 result, they did a biopsy, then booked in for a letz procedure. They had removed approx 90% of it when they did the biopsy but because it was a CIN3 they had to do the letz. It was morning surgery and I was back at work by lunchtime.

    I then had to have 6 monthly paps for 2 years, then they gave me the option of double screening, which was if that came back clear two years running I'd be back on two yearly ones. I've been on two yearly ones now for the last 3 times (due for one now)

    Yes you can get HVP from one sexual partner, my big sister did at 19 and she'd only been with one man.

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    Jul 2010

    I had HPV when I was 19 and had CIN2, went and had a biopsy done and colposcopy. A couple of years after I met DH it all went back to normal.

    And yes HPV is contracted even if you have only been with one person. I contracted it from the first guy I was ever with, although he wouldn't have had any clue he had it as it has no symptoms.

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    Oct 2006

    Tan my appointment is on Tues but mum just said she's working and can't mind kids so I might have to reschedule. I'd rather not take them in case my doc wants to do another smear, can just imagine the questions from miss 5 lol!

    Thanks Sopdet glad you are back on 2 yearly smears now

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    Jul 2007

    My very first papsmear (was naughty didn't have till I was 23) I had CIN 3 I had colposcopy and biospsy done and they decided to do 3 monthly colpsocopys for a year then went to 6 monthly for a year then yearly for 2 years then too every 2nd year.
    They did talk of laser but decided to wait and it did resolve it self, it has been 10 years now and all been fine ever since.

    Good luck hope all ok xoox

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    Jan 2007

    I had one when my GP made me have a pap smear 6 weeks after giving birth (when I'd read that things were probably not back to normal that close after giving birth). It came back as "possible abnormalities detected" and was required to go back 6 months later for another. That one came back with no abnormalities.

    Hope all goes well.

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    Apr 2006

    I had one too about a million years ago. Had a repeat pap and all was good. I then had a couple of years where I had paps annually but haven't had an abnormal one since and seriously, this was literally 20 odd years ago.

    Try not to worry and definitely NO GOOGLING!! My mum who has worked in medicine for a million years always says that with things where you can have that scary C word coming up if the doctor isn't ringing you saying come and see me NOW then its not going to be anything too much to worry about.