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Thread: acute non-specific abdominal pain

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    Default acute non-specific abdominal pain

    On thursday night last week i got a sudden onset of abdominal pains. It started just below my sternum, and felt like a stitch, and quickly also moved down to just above my pubic bone. It was also sore and the sides, either side of my belly button but worse on the left side. Every time i moved position it got more painful, although i could curl up in a ball which hurt to do, but once in that position i got some relief. I took nurofen which didn't help at all, and even tried something for heartburn even though i was sure it wasn't heart burn.
    It almost feels like a band of pain around my abdomen, not crampy, more sharp like a major stitch,

    I have has this pain before, a few times but not for about a year or so. In the past nothing has helped but its lasted about 8 hours and gone away on its own.
    This time after 24 hours on constant pain it was still there. I saw a doc who sent me up to the hosiptal as it was Friday night and he wanted me to have some tests to rule out appendicitis, eptopic pregnancy, etc

    In hospital they gave me buscopan which didn't help, then panadene which also didn't help. They did blood and urine tests and nothing showed up. After about 5 hours there they sent me home saying they didn't know what it was. It finally went away saturday morning, although the whole abdomen was tender for the next few days. The doc at the hospital sent me to see my GP monday for a referral for a pelvis ultrasound and when she checked me it was still tender when pressed on by no pain otherwise.

    I still have no idea what it was, has anyone ever experienced anything like this??

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    buscopans used to relax the bowel, iv got acute abdo pain - but iv got severe adhesions. im assuming its not your bowel. im honestly not sure what it is. have you had any surgery etc?? soz not much help. huni and you get sorted soon.
    take care rachel xxx

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    I used to get similar pains when i was younger, but because i havent had them for a very long time i cannot describe to you how they felt to me. Its escaped me.
    What it came down to was abdominal migranes, which was diagnosed by a specialist. Although that is [email protected] coz i also got diagnosed with a UTI turned kidney infection and I never had the pains again ever since i got treated for that. SO i had a UTI and kidney infection on and off for about 4 years.
    Could be different, but it hought id tell you about my story. I hope you get some answers.

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    I had a very similar experience a few years ago, and spent 2 nights in hospital. I was discharged without a proper diagnosis as drs couldnt figure out what was wrong. Bloodwork showed nothing, as did abdominal ultrasound. I still wonder what it was, especially I ended up having an ecoptic pregnancy a couple of years later on the same side as the original abdo pain, so even now I wonder whether there was any correlation between the two. Now that Ive written it, Im not actually sure how that might help you, but in a nutshell, ive also had acute pain with no diagnosis, and I never had it again after that.

    Hope your ok and it was one off thing,

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