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    Hello everyone Just thought I would start a new topic hoping someone knows a little about this condition. I am starting lupron-depo. Has anyone ever been on it ? what should I expect. I am from Columbus Oh. :-k [-o< [-o<

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    Afraid I can't help you much in terms of the diagnosis, or the treatment... but a google search does reveal a lot - and not all of it is scary!


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    Just moving this to Medical Conditions and Medications, as you may get more replies here Carlie

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    Hi ,
    I have this condition, not sure of what degree.
    My IVF RE was never to concerned about it, and said that he thought that my chance of getting preg was still the same as everyone else. I did 8 IVF cycles, got preg on the 1st one, but m/c at 5 half weeks. I was never put on any meds due to the adeno as well, and I never had much pain During an ivf break, we sought out a natural fertility lady who specialises in amazon herbs and accupuncture, within 2 mnths of seeing her I was PG naturally, but sadly this m/c at 6weeks, I am not sure if it has anything to do with the adeno or not. But within another 2 mnths I was preg again, and we have now just hit the 13weeks mark, and this is a natural preg. We have had 3 scans and so far so good. I am not sure if the adeno will cause any problems, but so far so good. Have you had much pain from the adenomysosis, and has your RE told you what your chances are of getting PG & carrying the baby thru the Preg. I am no longer seeign my ivf RE but haved moved onto my OBS but he is not concerned re the adeno. Not sure what effect it has on PG, there is a little info, and I know of several women who have achieved Pregnancies and not all of them had done the meds to shrink it. I hope that this has been some help, feel free to ask me anything else and I will be willing to assist, good luck

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