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    Feb 2004

    Adult Eczema

    Does anyone know of something you can use for eczema during pregnancy? I have heard that cortisone creams aren't good cos they get into your body & can affect the baby.

    Mine is stress induced & usually only shows up on my arms unless I am really really stressed then in migrates to the backs of my knees. I'm feeling great atm, no stress, but it all came from worrying whether bub was ok befoe we saw him/her on the ultrasound last Monday. But the eczema just doesn't seem to be clearing up on it's own like it usually does....

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    When i was pregnant with Kimberley i brought cream just for pregnancy called Avent. The pack had different things you could use. Not sure if they sell if here as i brought it in the UK. But i think i have seen something in the chemists.
    Sorry not much help.

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    Jun 2003

    I would suggest checking with your chemist and seeing if medihoney would be ok, I don't see anything on mine that says you can't but a chemist would know either way.



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    Melinda Guest

    Hey Sarah,

    I think it depends on the strength of the cream. I had to use some cream with cortisone in it during my PG and was able to use one that was 1.0% (was called Sigmacort 1.0% and was available over the counter). Mind you, it wasn't for eczema, but something else, but cortisone is the ingredient in it. I bought the cream after consulting with my GP and was told that it was safe to use that, but nothing stronger.


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    Feb 2004

    Thanks guys I'll see the chemist on Thursday night about medihoney (thanks Cai) and talk to my Dr at my appointment next week.

    Most cream make me worse, so it's just so hard to get something that works. It was ok during winter cos it was covered up, but coming into summer you can see it really obviously & that's the main thing I worry about cos it just looks yuck.

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    Aug 2004
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    Hi Sarah

    Christy mentioned to me this thread was here,. I had no idea. I also suffer from eczema, at the moment it`s taking over and so itchy, wake up in the night tearing my skin apart - have it over my face, hairline, back and has now just developed on my arm and back of my neck. I have some new shampoo and conditioner which I haven`t used before so I`m wondering if it`s making things worse.

    At my first Dr`s visit I was told not to use my existing cortisone cream, today when I saw Dr I mentioned how bad my eczema is and what could I use, he gave me a script for sigmacort, only 1% cortisone and safe to use, also said to keep using sorbolene. I use it instead of soap in the shower also.

    I was at my wits end so hopefully the sigmacort cream will help.

    Take Care


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    Feb 2004

    Awww Deeanne that's terrible. And here I am whinging about the little bit on my arms :-s I really hope the Sigmacort helps.

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Sarah, don`t feel bad about whinging about your ecezma, I know exactly what it`s like even a little bit can send you around the bend, hope you find something to sooth yours.

    Take Care


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    Feb 2004

    How are you going Deeanne??

    I committed a HUUUUUGE eczema sin last week & now I'm paying for it! None of my pants fit atm, so I bought new maternity pants at KMart on Sunday afternoon & wore them to work for the week. The first pair were fine, but the second pair have left my legs totally covered

    For me, I have to have everything washed in a specific washing powder or I totally break out - so I should have known better.

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    Jan 2004

    Hey Kate, can understand about the psoriasis, I suffer from it too. One thing i noticed that when i was pg with DD, my psoriasis cleared up.
    I had heard that being pg can clear up psoriais, but I had it all over so it was quite a welcome shock when it started to go.


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    2Elik42 Guest

    Dear Sarah

    I have also heard that the products from the Dead Sea are geared toward skin problems like eczema. I hope yours clears up very soon and that you will be able to focus on other, more important things like your baby to be.

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    Aug 2005
    Melbourne, Victoria

    I have severe ecezma, and have had since my last pregnancy.

    I am current undergoing UV therapy 3 times a week for this, and take the strongest cortisone cream you can purchase in Australia.

    I have questioned my obs and dermo extensively, the only studies that showed problems with use of cortisone during pregnancy were with actual injections, and was told that it is 100% safe to use the cream as there is no evidence that it causes problems. That being said, i tiry (which i should anyway) to use the weakest cream possible to fix the problem, but last night it was so bad that i had to use the strongest again.

    I have excellent information about how to work on contact irritant dermatisis, i might try and post it later on.

    Personally, after trying Ahava (the original dead sea product) and from swimming in the dead sea, i found they both caused me huge reactions with my skin. Ahava has a lot of additives, as does all the other dead sea products, but i know many peope who have had sucess with (what i term) mild eczema.

    From seeing a friend with horrible psorisis, she went to the Dead Sea for 6 weeks and it was gone. I believe it works very well for psorasis.

    Basically, my feelings are it does work well for mild skin problems, but if you have something as severe as i do, it isn't the magic solution, and it did a lot more harm then good. But you can always try it, but only use a small amount at first, becuase if you do have a reaction, you don't want it all over your body.

    Any questions, feel free to ask - i've done a lot of reading into this problem!

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    DEBBB Guest

    Hi there

    I am 19 wks pregnant and think I am suffering from eczema.

    A few weeks ago I got really sick with the flu, was put on antibiotics and then had a reaction to the penicillin. I broke out in an incredibly itchy crimson red rash from head to foot. After a week or two the rash had completely gone, but my skin particulalry on my thighs was extremely dry and 'crepe-like' in texture.

    The last few days it has become incredibly itchy and when I scratch at it the skin gets little bumps all over and becomes all irritated and red. After that settles down it looks sort of like heat rash.

    Do you think this is eczema?

    I tried using palmas coco butter which works for a few hours and then starts itching again. As long as my skin is moisturised it seems to be ok. The chemist gave me sigmacort 1% cream, but I've been reading online it isn't safe. The leaflet they gave me said to inform the doc if youre pregnant. The chemist and all of you say its ok, but I wanted to double check this is the case and no one has had any reations or no harm to your baby?

    Sorry for the long post! I've had such a rough trot with this pregnancy (my first) and I am so worried I'll do something that will hurt bubs. Any advice greatly appreciated!

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    Apr 2008
    Home, where else??

    I think you should go to your GP for a definitive diagnosis just in case. There are so many possible things it could be (including bacteria, infection etc). They should be able to recommend something that would be safe for use during pregnancy.

    On "A Current Affair" last night they had a program about goats milk soap which apparently is great for eczema (if that's what it is). It costs about $6.95 per bar but they were raving about it. A mum started making it for her son and it was apparently so effective that it took off!! Maybe look on their site to see where you can purchase it if you are interested.

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    Jul 2005
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    I've only had two bouts of eczema in my life and am having the second one now Same place as the last time; in the crease of my nose on the left side. it's only a relatively small area and it coveres easily but it's annoying! i think it is stress induced. I've had this current bout since January when my 6yo was admitted to hospital with pneumonia.

    Ok... off to try goats milk soap! I have some tucked away... let's hope that works! I'm doing lots of moisturising too.