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Thread: AF while on the pill

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    Default AF while on the pill

    A friend just called me and asked if this was something to be worried about and I am not sure.

    She is on pill and she has got her af 1 week early. She hasn't missed any pills at all. She said it is normal just alot more painful & it has gone on for abit longer than usual.

    I thought you weren't supposed to start AF until you got to the sugar pills??

    Any opinions would be appreciated.

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    It's definitely not normal! Breakthrough spotting some times happens, but anything like this sounds to me like it's unusual enough to need to consult a doctor.


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    I agree with BW - probably something to see a Dr about. You're definitely not supposed to get AF before the sugar pills, and it sounds like it was a bit more than breakthrough spotting.

    Has she only just starting taking the pill, or has she been taking it for a while?

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    She has been taking it for years. She changed to this particular pill 6 months ago, do you think maybe that has something to do with it??

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    I guess it's possible that if she's changed to one that's not strong enough for here that things are going haywire... I'd still encourage her to go see a doctor, though!


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