thread: Anyone else who has permanent high blood pressure?

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    danandreilly Guest

    Anyone else who has permanent high blood pressure?

    Hi, I'm Dan, and a newbie!

    I"m just wondering if there is anyone else that has high bp, prior to being pregnant, and it remains high throughout pregnancy?
    My story is that, my bp was normal until about 26 weeks pregnant with my son Reilly. It then skyrocketed, and I was in hospital for observation for 2 days or so, and had every test under the sun. The doctors were concerned that it was actually pre elampsia, and for the remainder of my pregnancy, they kept a careful eye on my bp, bloods, urine etc etc. It never developed into pre eclampsia, but it stayed high even after Reilly was born, and I still have it now, and always will. I haven't yet come across anyone else that has high bp, all the time. A lot of women tend to get it in later pregnancy, but it goes back to normal after the birth. Reilly was born only 3 days before his due date, in August 2001, and was quite small as a result, 6 pound, 5.
    I'm on medication for life to control it, and it will have to carefully monitered in future pregancies, but hopefully it won't be as stressful next time, as they are aware it is a pre existing condition now. My mum also has the same thing, so it's probably hereditary, they tell me. It's so frustrating as I'm relatively young to have it, (31), and my health is good in evey other way.
    I would be intererested to hear of anyone else that has the same condition.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Hi Dan,
    I had just started a thread on high blood pressure in the general pregnancy discussion when I came across your one. DOH! Anyway, this is what I wrote (am lazy and can't be bothered typing it again):

    At my first appointment at the hospital, my blood pressure was a little high. I have had a history of it going up and down (usually with my weight) and, because of that, I am ineligable for shared care. I have been put into the "High Risk category so I have to go through the Doctors at the hospital until we get it under control.
    I have been told that there is medication that I can take during pregnancy for the high blood pressure and it is completely safe. I am hoping it doesn't go that far but at least I know it can be controlled if needs be.
    The last 3 months, I have been doing little or no exercise and haven't been eating extremely well because of morning sickness (all day sickness, night time sickness etc.). When I get home from work, I am so tired that all I want to do is flake on the couch. It all sounds like excuses (and I am really good at those) but I honestly don't have the energy.
    Anyway, today is the day that I am going to force myself to go on a walk. I am not going to overdo it but at least go around the block to start off with. I have been told not to do anything more strenuous than walking for the moment because I haven't done anything for such a long time. I just hope I don't need to hurl in someone's front yard! Urrgh!

    So, I am probably going to be similar to you. My BP has been up and down ever since I was about 18 and it will probably be the same afterwards. My Mum has been on medication for it for years and she also has kidney problems and type 2 diabetes. So, of course, the drs will be monitoring me closely for pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes. My Mum didn't get either of those when she was pregnant - just high blood pressure. However, she was a good 7 years younger than me when she had her first. In fact, my my age, she was preggers with her 5th child! I don't know if age has anything to do with it. I am more thinking along the lines of high BP progressing to something more serious as time goes on iykwim?
    I know that if I lose weight, my BP goes down. I lost 17kgs on WW last year and I felt great, BP was down and I was exercising every day. But it was DAMN hard work! I got my new job and it kinda took the focus away from counting points etc. It's all excuses but I fell off the wagon and put all the weight back on. Now I am pregnant and so sick with m/s that exercise has fallen by the wayside. I feel so fat - not pregnant fat as it is my tummy that is expanding, not my abdomen. So, I have to do something about it. Hopefully my BP will sort itself out without medication but, if needs be, I will take it for the health of my baby.

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    layla Guest

    I had pre eclampsia with my 1st pregnancy, my BP got to 150/110 but dropped to a normal rate after I'd had Sean.
    Ever since then however, my BP has been a bit up and down and usually sits around 125/90. It's high but the doc's don't want me to go on medication as I'm only 28.
    I didn't have a problem with pre eclampsia with my 2nd pg and my BP didn't go up much. My doc has said that next time I'm pg we'll just have to monitor it carefully.
    There's no family history of high BP and the doc's can't work out why I have it. 8-[

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    rumki8 Guest

    high blood pressure

    Hi dear, I am 26 years with high blood pressure then others. I am on drugs for it and it does help a little but I am quite scared about future of my life. The high blood pressure is what scares me the most because I get chest pain and the High BP problem also run in my family gene. May be right now I am fine but what do I get when I will be older?