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Thread: Anyone had ovarian cysts removed?

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    Default Anyone had ovarian cysts removed?

    Just wondering if anyone has has this procedure done and if so can you tell me what it involves. I have been booked into have it done next month and the surgeon failed to explain the procedure to me

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    Hi, I have had 2 ovarian cysts on my left ovary. The first time they thought it was my appendix and did key hole surgery and found that the cyst had actually ruptured so they just suctioned up all the fluid that it left behind.
    I have 3 tiny little scars on my stomach, one just under my belly button and two on the bottom left side.

    The next time I had one was when I was 7 weeks pregnant. It got to about 7 cm, the size of a navel orange!
    As I was pregnant they decided to leave it and not operate just incase it affected the pregnancy. I was in hospital for over a week on morphine, which did help the pain but vomited every time they gave it to me.
    It ended up rupturing also but as it was so big it was excruciatingly painful, I would have to say more painful than labour!
    I also looked like I was 25 weeks pregnant with all the fluid that was just sitting in my stomach.

    I realise that I probably haven't helped you much as when I did have the surgery it had already ruptured. I just know that getting one removed would be a lot less painful.

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